8 things you say every day that could be holding you back from getting rich

Rich people use these 6 mental tricks to make more money

Just like your thoughts and habits can mean the difference between living a wealthy life and an average life, so can your choice of words.

As success coach and author Jen Sincero writes in her new book, "You Are a Badass at Making Money," "if you're broke or not where you want to be financially, you can be sure that your language could use an upgrade." After all, what you say can "uncover your hidden thoughts and beliefs about money," she says.

Certain common phrases are particularly limiting. Here are eight that Sincero says to watch out for, in yourself and the people you surround yourself with:

  1. "I want" is another way of saying "I lack"
  2. "I wish" is another way of saying "I'm not in control," which is disempowering
  3. "I need" is another way of saying "I lack"
  4. "I can't" is self-explanatory
  5. "I'm trying" implies you're not committed
  6. "I hope" implies it might happen or it might not, which shows you lack faith
  7. "I should" implies maybe you won't or don't want to
  8. "I don't know" slams the door shut on finding out
Bestselling author and motivational speaker Jen Sincero
Brandon Soder

Here's what you should be saying instead, says Sincero:

"I have"
"I create"
"I'm grateful for"
"I enjoy"
"I can"
"I choose"
"I love"

"Make the commitment to become aware of your language," writes Sincero. "Get practiced at taking deep breaths before you speak. This will give you the space to stop, notice what was about to come out of your mouth and course correct if needed."

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