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The 5 highest-paying internships in finance

These are the highest paying internships in the US this year

Working with money often means you will make pretty good money.

Summer interns who work in finance can make upwards of $5,000 a month, according to recent data from jobs website, Glassdoor. Although that's less than what some of the highest-paying tech giants pay their summer interns (Facebook interns are paid $8,000 a month), for a summer job, it's still pretty impressive.

And working a summer internship is a great first step towards landing a job after graduation.

Here are the five highest-paying summer internships in finance this year, according to anonymously submitted feedback on Glassdoor. (In some cases the feedback has been edited for length or clarity.)

Deutsche Bank headquarters
Photo by Hannelore Foerster

1. BlackRock
Median Monthly Pay: $5,400
What's it like? "I had a great learning experience on the Risk and Quantitative Analysis team at BlackRock. Things move at a very fast pace, but having BlackRock on your resume goes a long way. I feel the team could've done better in terms of communication. The work culture is not exactly relaxing and friendly." Quantitative analyst intern in New York, N.Y.

2. Capital One
Median Monthly Pay: $5,000
What's it like? "Very focused on getting you acclimated to the company. Well-managed program, structurally. Top management commitment to program gives interns exposure to high level associates in the bank. Little opportunity to give and get honest feedback to program management. Internship feeds into the Finance Rotation Program (FRP) where employees have little say on the types of roles they will be assigned." Intern in McLean, Va.

Things move at a very fast pace, but having BlackRock on your resume goes a long way.
BlackRock quantitative analyst intern
New York, N.Y.

3. Deutsche Bank
Median Monthly Pay: $4,640
What's it like? "The Summer Analyst Program is an evaluation period towards the full-time graduate program. The internship was very well organized with many programs and talks to attend. There were many opportunities to meet senior leaders, and during my time we also met the CEO, John Cryan!
"There was fair amount of workload and it got intense in the middle of the internship when we were given additional side projects that counted towards evaluation. But overall, it was a fun and memorable summer! Most people in the class of 30-ish got accepted into the full-time graduate program.
"Slow staff and complex procedures due to regulations in banks is a bad combination. It took two weeks to get administrative access on my machine to install required development software.
'You can work really hard or chill as much as you want. The bar is pretty low to get accepted into the graduate program. Everyone gets same benefits regardless of differences in demonstrated performance and experience." Summer technology analyst in Cary, N.C.

4. Bank of America
Median Monthly Pay: $4,570
What's it like? "You have the opportunity to converse with people at least three levels above you. "You'll present to your manager and their managers.
"The technology piece of the on boarding process wasn't great. The company is growing in certain areas but cutting back in some also." Intern in Charlotte, N.C.

5. Visa
Median Monthly Pay: $4,480
What's it like? "Everyone tries to treat you like family, and they don't try to act like they are above you. The majority of them just want to be successful and they know that comes with the whole team, not just one person. The hiring process is very black and white. You have to meet pre-standardized requirements before getting any position. And then moving up also requires performance reviews which are also very cut and dry." Technical writer intern in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

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