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2 things you can do to get ahead — without looking overly ambitious
2 things you can do to get ahead — without looking overly ambitious

Sometimes we're all guilty of just wanting to get the job done — no frills, no fuss and definitely no overtime. But one of the fastest ways we can move on and up from our current jobs (in other words, an almost surefire way to snag a promotion) is to over-deliver, and not under-impress. Or, as career coach Hallie Crawford explains, "over-delivering translates to being diligent, motivated, and passionate about your job."

After all, what boss doesn't want his or her employees to wow at work? Average may not get noticed — but above-and-beyond normally does. "Going the extra mile," says Crawford, "whenever possible, shows your superiors you are serious about your job, and able and worthy of getting promoted versus just remaining where you are."

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Of course, it can be tough to over-deliver, and do it often. But Crawford says you can push yourself to do more by focusing on what motivates you — say, a promotion. And then, use these expert-approved tips to over-deliver on every project, large or small.

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1. Keep things organized

It can be tough to go above-and-beyond if you can't find the materials you need. So, Crawford recommends that before you try to knock your boss' socks off, you start with cleaning your desk. "Knowing where everything is at your work station will allow you to spend that extra time on your project — not looking through cluttered drawers for what you need," she says. Here are our best tips for getting organized.

2. Ask for feedback

When you work extra-hard on a project or task, you want to make sure you're giving your boss more of what he or she really wants. That's why Crawford says you should "ask your boss for ways you can enhance the work you are doing." If you don't, "you may feel that you are over-delivering, but your boss may not," Crawford warns. And if you "know what they're looking for, you can amplify your performance," she says.

3. Be disciplined

As we all know all too well, "it is easy to cut corners and just do the bare minimum," says Crawford. If you can be self-disciplined, however, going the extra mile becomes more manageable. According to Crawford, "self-discipline will help you stay with the project until it's completed correctly — and then some." Now that sounds good.

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4. Take breaks

You can't give a task your all if you're too tired to work hard, Crawford points out. So, be sure to "take time throughout the week to recharge," she instructs. And she doesn't mean by taking a coffee break — though that's OK too. You could rest and recharge "with a hobby or by doing exercise," Crawford says. Hot yoga, anyone?

5. Give your best

This last tip may seem obvious — after all, we are talking about over-delivering — but Crawford would encourage you to "always do your best work, even if it's a simple task," even tasks for which you don't think you have to do more. "This will get you in the habit of giving high-quality work, no matter what the assignment," she explains.

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