Scared robots will take your job? Just get a new one, says this CEO

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The race to create A.I. and robotic technology that will change the way we work and live is dominating countless industries.

But the chaos and disruption these ground-breaking fields are set to have on numerous areas of the economy, the job market, the banking system and the transportation industry have also incited fear.

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma has previously warned that society could see decades of "pain" thanks to new technologies.

While Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says that humans need to merge with machines to become a sort of cyborg if we want to stay relevant.

But forgetting wild predictions for the future, one chief executive believes he has the answer to one of the biggest tech questions of today: Will a robot take my job?

Robots will take your job, just not as quickly as you think
Robots will take your job, just not as quickly as you think

Speaking to CNBC in an episode of Life Hacks Live, VaynerMedia CEO and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk said those working in potentially replaceable jobs need to start learning a new trade for the digital world.

"Robots taking over jobs are an issue for people that do jobs that robots are going to take over," said Vaynerchuk.

"People have lost their jobs forever. Jobs are always lost."

The CEO added that he didn't "feel bad" for the likes of truck drivers who aren't taking important steps to adapt.

Truck drivers "know that in 20 years there's a very good chance the trucks are going to drive themselves. [They] are more than capable in four hours a day of educating themselves on another skill."

"If they choose to put their heads in the sand and be an ostrich, they should face the same fate that everybody who's put their head in the sand has faced, which is losing."

Gary Vaynerchuk
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Vaynerchuk was outspoken not only on the changing job market, but on the robot takeover as a whole. With a love for social media and tech, he doesn't see the big deal with a robot takeover.

"The establishment, and when I say an establishment, I mean old people, will try to make digital addiction a negative."

"I think that historically we'll look back and realize right now our digital addiction is a walk in the park from here to the digital world we're going to live in."

"There's a big jump from being on your phone a lot, to robots killing us," he said. "Yes, it will be an issue because the mainstream media and old people will try to make it an issue, but I don't believe it's an issue."

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