Why the CEO of Time Out Group didn’t wait to be hired, but pursued the job himself

Courtesy of Time Out Group

Selecting employees to lead a company is never an easy task and requires a lot of consideration. Yet for the current CEO of a major global media and entertainment business, Julio Bruno chose to take the matter into his own hands and approach the company first.

In October 2015, Julio Bruno was hired by Time Out Group as its executive chairman and has since gone on to take the company public and lead as its CEO. Typically companies select their leading business figures, however, for Bruno; he likes to say that he chose Time Out.

"I had left TripAdvisor in Boston a few months before, and I was thinking I wanted to go back to Europe, for personal reasons and I was talking to a lot of different companies," Julio Bruno, Group CEO of Time Out Group, explains to CNBC's "Life Hacks Live".

"I saw that I had some opportunities and I was very humbled by it, and well I said 'if people want to see me, maybe I should be thinking about the company that I want to join'."

"So I had a very, very short list and I was investigating and I wanted companies in media, travel, technology kind of thing – and Time Out was in my short list."

"And I asked somebody in the headhunting world to introduce me to the owners without telling them why. I just wanted to talk in general, since they had a lot of companies."

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Having secured his first meeting, at the end of it Bruno went on to enquire whether there was any company that the owners thought he'd be a nice fit for. Fortunately, the owners suggested that Time Out would complement his skills.

Being prepared and passionate about the company already, Bruno had his own strategy pitch prepared, detailing to the owners about what he would do if he worked for Time Out Group.

It should come as no surprise that Bruno was invited back for a second and third meeting, which is when he disclosed his intentions for wanting to work for Time Out and once the owners found out, "of course, they loved it," Bruno told CNBC.

"I'm very proud to say that (I pursued the job successfully), but it has taken me a long time in my career to get to a position of knowing what I want, knowing what are the skills and my shortcomings, and seeing how can I put that together as a package and offer it to a company."

'If you could choose your own job, that's fantastic'

Bruno initially joined the magazine publisher back in 2015 as executive chairman, tasked with the job of developing and executing the group's five-year plan of reinvention, growth and transformation, according to his LinkedIn page.

In May 2016, Bruno was appointed as the Group CEO of Time Out and not long after that he successfully managed to take the business public on the London Stock Exchange's AIM in June 2016, prior to the Brexit vote. Before he was at Time Out, Bruno has held a number of senior positions including working for TripAdvisor, Diageo and Regus.

Julio Bruno, CEO at Time Out Group plc.
Courtesy of Time Out Group

So, would he recommend others to take on this approach? "Yes" says Bruno.

"Yes. People should take that approach, when they know what they want. Following on from what I said about being passionate and loving what you do ... if you could choose your own job, that's fantastic right."

"It's like those people who say 'the only thing I know what to do in life is this' and then they go and do it because they don't know what else to do. So I always aspire to do that."

Life Hacks Live is a series produced by CNBC International for Facebook, where tomorrow's leaders get to ask some of the world's biggest influencers for advice. You can watch the full interview here.

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