Malala Yousafzai is heading to Oxford—here’s how much it costs to attend

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In 2012, Malala Yousafzai was shot by a Taliban gunman for advocating women's education, The Guardian reports. Five years later, she has agreed to attend the University of Oxford to study philosophy, politics and economics.

Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, spoke in December about the admission process. It was "the hardest interview of my life," she tells The Guardian. "I just get scared when I think of the interview."

She needed to achieve all "A" grades in the A-levels, a subject-based prerequisite exam required by schools in the United Kingdom. Yousafzai took the exam in math, history, religious studies and geography.

In a tweet, she shared a screenshot of her acceptance and said, "So excited to go to Oxford!! Well done to all A-level students – the hardest year. Best wishes for life ahead!"


According to the university's website, students based in the UK or European Union undertaking their first undergraduate degree at the prestigious, storied university will pay £9,250, or $10,848, for 2017 tuition.

The average cost of one year at a public university in the United States costs twice as much: More than $20,000 for in-state students, according to College Board. For out-of-state students, it's three times as much: More than $34,000.

Students in the UK and EU attending Oxford can access a government loan for the full amount of their tuition and would not need to pay any upfront fees, according to the university's site.

Students from outside of the EU are classed either as an "Overseas" or "Islands" student. Overseas students will be "charged a significantly higher level of tuition fee," which will vary based on their area of study.

The annual tuition fee for an Overseas student is between £15,755, or $18,477, and £23,190, or $27,197. For an Islands student, tuition is £9,250. Overseas and Islands students may not be eligible any tuition support from Oxford or the UK government, according to the site.

Tuition fees vary for students on the six-year medicine course and for students who take a year abroad as part of their degree, the site says. In addition, fees and charges usually increase annually.

College and universities in Scotland are also a good deal, cost-wise, compared to institutions in the United States.

The Guardian says Yousafzai plans to return to Pakistan after graduation to become a politician, or to continue her education in the United States.

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