This controversial answer to a job interview question is just what one CEO wants to hear

Young woman sits opposite a counselor and for an interview.
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Young woman sits opposite a counselor and for an interview.

During a job interview, it's good to be excited and enthusiastic about the company you'd be working for, and most of the time, you should also be discerning about the role you're taking on. "When you say something to the effect of, 'I don't care what jobs you have available — I'll do anything!' that's a big red flag," The Muse reports.

But at least one boss actually welcomes the more controversial response, "I'll do anything!"

Daniel Schwartz, the CEO of Restaurant Brands International, parent company of Burger King, Popeyes and Tim Hortons, looks for candidates with infectious energy and a can-do attitude. During a recent interview with Adam Bryant at The New York Times, Schwartz said that he "like[s] people who say they're willing to do anything" because it reminds him of the attitude he sported early on in his own career.

"I didn't care what I was going to do," he tells Bryant. "I just wanted to be involved in interesting projects, working with interesting people."

Schwartz also looks for employees who are willing to work hard and show their passion.

"I like people who genuinely are looking for a project and not a job," he says. "We're looking for people who want to be part of something bigger. We don't want people who see us as a stepping stone."

To distinguish the hard workers from the rest of the pack, Schwartz asks the same question during every interview: "Are you smart or do you work hard?"

"You want hard workers," he says. "You'd be surprised how many people tell me, 'I don't need to work hard, I'm smart.' Really? Humility is important."

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