Here’s how much it costs to buy a home in America's 10 hottest 'hipster' neighborhoods

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If you're looking for a home in a cool neighborhood, you may be in luck: It might be more affordable than you think.

Real estate website, along with consumer-review site Yelp, conducted a survey to find the hottest "hipster" neighborhoods in the United States. It identifies the most in-demand housing markets with the highest concentrations of cool, indie stores.

"Yelp data shows that mentions of 'hipster' occur across a wide range of businesses, from music venues and dive bars, to restaurants, barbers and vinyl record shops," the survey says. And "while some cities and ZIP codes, like Seattle, may be more recognizable as traditional hipster havens," others are more "under-the-radar" and not in the priciest big cities.

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Chart Asset: and Yelp Hottest Hipster Markets Map

The survey identifies the top 50 neighborhoods and gives each a "hipster score" and a "hotness score." Of those, here are the top 10 most popular neighborhoods and the median housing listing price there:

1. Columbus, Ohio

Hippest neighborhood: Clintonville
Median housing listing price: $269,455
Hipster score: 90.1
Hotness score: 99.8

2. Seattle, Washington

Hippest neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Median housing listing price: $756,653
Hipster score: 95.9
Hotness score: 94.1

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3. San Diego, California

Hippest neighborhood: North Park
Median housing listing price: $597,000
Hipster score: 95.6
Hotness score: 93.7

4. Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hippest ZIP code: 46802
Median housing listing price: $163,925
Hipster score: 88.2
Hotness score: 95.7

5. Rochester, New York

Hippest neighborhood: Highland Park
Median housing listing price: $154,925
Hipster score: 92.5
Hotness score: 92.8

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6. San Francisco, California

Hippest neighborhood: The Haight
Median housing listing price: $1,396,500
Hipster score: 84.3
Hotness score: 96.0

7. Long Beach, California

Hippest ZIP code: 90814
Median housing listing price: $737,000
Hipster score: 93.2
Hotness score: 90.7

8. Louisville, Kentucky

Hippest neighborhood: Schnitzelburg
Median housing listing price: $173,950
Hipster score: 97.5
Hotness score: 87.8

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9. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hippest ZIP code: 49506
Median housing listing price: $387,000
Hipster score: 88.8
Hotness score: 92.4

10. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hippest ZIP code: 80903
Median housing listing price: $337,000
Hipster score: 86.8
Hotness score: 92.9

"With all the hipster businesses in town, it comes as no surprise that these markets are highly sought after by millennials," the survey says. "Overall, older millennials — ages 25 to 34 — in the top ten markets make up an average of 22 percent of the population, higher than the national population share of older millennials of 13 percent.

"Additionally," it says, "these markets are continuing to draw interest from a younger crowd, as the older millennial age group is viewing property listings at a rate 1.2 times greater than the share of older millennials already living in the area, indicating strong interest from others wanting to move into these neighborhoods."

If you want to buy a home in one of these hip markets, here are some tips to get you started.

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