The key to leadership is being 'ego-free,' says ethereum co-founder

The world's second-largest cryptocurrency has been on a wild ride this year.

CNBC recently sat down with one ethereum's co-founders for CNBC's "Life Hacks Live," during which he shared his ideas on his career and leadership.

Joe Lubin, one of the eight co-founders of the blockchain-based ethereum platform, had this to say about the technology's primary found: "Vitalik Buterin is relatively ego-free ... He focuses on the facts and circumstances in each situation."

"[Buterin] does a really good job sourcing input from many different classes of actors in the space," Lubin said. "He weighs that input as well as he can and makes decisions when he feels like he's heard as many voices as is necessary."

Lubin said he was satisfied with the way the team worked together, but said it wasn't launched without some issues along the way — as would be expected.

"But the overarching goals that we all held for the project, decentralization in general, has enabled us to work effectively and keep us in sync," he said.

Lubin, who has a background in electric engineering and computer science, said the ethereum project has evolved and he's no longer involved directly.

He focuses largely on ConsenSys, a Brooklyn-based software-production studio he founded, which he said is a big part of the ethereum project.

"It's an open-source project so anybody can show up and get up to speed and contribute."

Prior to getting into the crypto space, Lubin worked as a software engineer and technology executive for banking. He said he grew disappointed and disenchanted at how monetary systems were structured.

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