Here's everything that goes in this $500 milkshake—like a $3,200 bottle of Remy Martin cognac

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The Powder Room, located in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles, is known as a hotspot for celebrity clientele.

The bar offers a host of hand-crafted cocktails, but its true star is "The Velvet Goldmine," a $500 boozy milkshake featured on a recent episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

'The Velvet Goldmine' $500 milkshake

"We wanted to create something that was different, not just a cocktail or a hamburger. It's all been done," says The Powder Room's John Arakaki.

The drink isn't enjoyed casually — it's meant to be savored. It takes the mixologist up to 40 minutes just to make it.

The creamy drink starts with a crystal goblet lined with Amedei Porcelina chocolate. The chocolate alone retails for $90 per pound.

Next, four scoops of English lavender and Tahitian vanilla organic ice cream, which costs $25 per pint and is made locally, are added to the shake.


It's then topped with caramelized bananas and imported Belgian chocolate truffles.

Preparing 'The Velvet Goldmine'

The ingredient that makes the shake stand out, however, is an ounce of Remy Martin Louis 13 cognac, which costs over $3,200 per bottle. In addition to the cognac, the drink also includes Bacardi Reserve Limitada rum, 15-year Drambuie whiskey and a selection of 15-year-old Speyside malt whiskeys.

One shot of Remy Martin Louis XIII is poured into 'The Velvet Goldmine'

The luxe concoction wouldn't be complete without bling, and the finishing touch is a dusting of 24-karat edible gold flakes.

Edible gold flakes

Anyone who orders the spiked milkshake also leaves with a Waterford Crystal chalice Swarovski crystal cocktail ring, as a memento.


"It's flashy, it's glam, it's Hollywood, it's all that we're about," Arakaki says. "You're going to remember where you were, you're going to remember who you were with, you're going to remember this experience."

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