Holiday Gift Guide

7 perfect stocking-stuffers under $25

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When it comes to presents, bigger isn't always better. Sometimes the small, distinctive, perfectly appropriate stocking stuffer is the gift that actually stays with you after the holiday season.

Here are seven creative ways to show someone not just that you can get them a present but that you really get them.

1. Personality-appropriate pin

wifi pin

Price: $9.69
Buy now: Wifi is the way to my heart pin

Show friends and family you get them and love their quirks with an enamel pin chosen to precisely fit their personality.

2. Out-of-this-world candy

Galaxy pops

Price: $24.85
Buy now: Galaxy lollipops 10-pack

The solar system is sweet! The handmade edible art comes with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

3. Spicy key chain 

sriracha key chain

Price: $8
Buy now: Sriracha to-go bottle key chain

Perfect for the hipsters on your list or anyone who likes to have hot sauce in their bag. Just fill it and go.

4. Gadget stickers  

gadget stickers

Price: $12.95
Buy now: iPhone charger sticker faces set

Apple's accessories too minimalist for your loved one's taste? Sativa Turner's characters are custom-designed to transform your iPhone or iPod's adapter, USB chord and ear phones. Four characters per set.

5. Game in a box

trivia game

Price: $7
Buy now: Ridley's quiz game

Spend some time off-line with this retro-style trivia game, perfect for foodies and sports nuts.

6. Stress-relief putty

Stress putty

Price: $24.99
Buy now: Spa Pinch Me therapy dough

Useful for fidgeting away some of that holiday anxiety, with lavender scent for extra stress relief.

7. Screen cleaners

screen cleaner

Price: $5.99
Buy now: cClean portable screen cleaner

This antibacterial cloth square sticks to the back of your phone for easy access. It cleans and sanitizes screens and can be washed with soap and water for re-use.

Disclosure: These items have been handpicked by our editorial team. CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some cases, if you purchase an item from one of our gift guides, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase. This holiday season, the proceeds will be donated to the Council for Economic Education, which supports economic and financial education.

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Getty Images | Jumping Rocks
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