Here's how much Americans think successful people earn

SolStock | Getty Images

Everyone has their own definition of success, but there is one quantifiable measure that allows us to see how Americans define it: cold, hard cash.

Visual Capitalist and Thermosoft analyzed data from 2,000 Americans in order to learn what "making it" meant to them.

During their research, they found that Americans think an annual income of $147,104 means you've made it.

Further trappings of success include a 10-minute commute, being married with kids, never worrying about medical expenses and being able to loan money to friends or family and donate generously to charity.

Unfortunately, this means most respondents have not yet made it. Survey respondents earn an average of $57,426 and spend 17 minutes traveling to work. Just 46 percent are married.

Check out the infographic from Thermosoft below to see how else Americans across the country define success and how they are doing now: