'Shark Tank': Here's what happened when Mark Cuban kept interrupting guest judge Bethenny Frankel

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The sharks were out for blood Sunday night on the season 9 finale of ABC's "Shark Tank," with celebrity entrepreneur and guest investor Bethenny Frankel and tech billionaire Mark Cuban fighting over Cuban dominating one entrepreneur's presentation.

The pitch that spurred the heated back and forth was by the founder of Thrive+, a health supplement aimed at curing hangovers. Founder Brooks Powell, a recent college graduate, went into the tank seeking $400,000 for a 10 percent stake in the business.

The tension began building at the start of Powell's pitch, with Cuban wanting to hear more about the research and science behind the product, while Frankel wanted to learn more about who the product was marketed to. Cuban spoke over the other sharks before proclaiming he was out.

"Brooks, you know what just happened here today? You had a Cuban heist," investor Robert Herjavec says. "You did an awful job today, because you let Mark take over your presentation, and I never had a chance to learn anything."

Frankel then follows up with Herjavec's sentiment, "I could not agree more," she says.

Then Frankel set her sights on Cuban. "You did shush me, you went like this [extends arm out] three times," she tells him.

Indeed, Cuban cut off Frankel numerous times during the pitch, putting his hand out to signal her to stop talking as he talked over her. Frankel's face dropped into an annoyed expression.


Cuban responds to Frankel, "Because you tried to interrupt me."

"No, Mark, you haven't stopped talking for a good 45 minutes," Frankel says, explaining how Cuban routinely interrupted her when she was attempting to ask Powell questions during his presentation.

"Like, no, homey don't play that," she adds.

"Don't interrupt me and it's not an issue," Cuban retorts.

"Mark, you can't not interrupt you, because you haven't stopped talking," she says.

Cuban argues that he's trying to ask the right questions, but Frankel reasons that she is too. Powell then gives Frankel the opportunity to ask her question. She turns to Cuban and says, "I'd like to ask the don and kiss the ring. May I know speak?"

"Feel free," Cuban says.


Despite projecting $25 million in revenue for the business in 2018, according to the Houston Business Journal, Powell ended up without any offers for a variety reasons, like the marketing of the product being too difficult and a lack of testing.

But the sharks weren't done discussing his presentation, even after he left the tank. Herjavec was still upset.

"So you're so arrogant that you believe, in an hour, you can decide whether the science behind it is real or not?" Herjavec asks Cuban.

Frankel — an accomplished entrepreneur who sold her company Skinnygirl Cocktails in 2011 for a reported $100 million — tried sinking her teeth into another deal during her time in the tank Sunday night. Earlier in the episode, she grilled two entrepreneurs on the price of their skincare product, Lace Your Face, and offered $350,000 for a 30 percent stake in the business. But Frankel lost in the final seconds to Lori Greiner, who countered with the same investment for a 15 percent stake.

"Shark Tank" judges trying out Lace Your Face skincare
Courtesy of ABC

"The sharks are circling, the bait is in the water," Frankel says when the other investors start expressing interest in the product after she had already offered a deal.

Cuban responds, "That's why they call it 'Shark Tank', Bethenny."

But it's not always so heated. Frankel recently revealed to CNBC Make It that between shots, Cuban and she jammed out.

"In the breaks, they are playing full-on, old school hip hop," Frankel says. "Mark Cuban and I are rapping and dancing and having the best time."

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