This rare $386,000 watch was modeled after a fighter jet

This rare wristwatch was modeled after a fighter jet

The rare BR-X1 wristwatch costs $386,000, a price tag higher than the average cost of new homes sold in the US in 2017, according to the US Census Bureau.

Source: CNBC

When Bell & Ross conceived of the timepiece, it was looking to create the next game-changer in the ultra-luxurious watch category. So the designers took inspiration from the cockpit of a fighter jet.

A US Air Force F-15 fighter jet
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Designers made the casing on the watch see-through, reminiscent of the jet's cockpit.

CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" got a look at the translucent bling for an upcoming episode.

Source: CNBC

"This case is made completely out of sapphire," says Greg Simonian of Westime, a luxury watch retailer based out of Southern California. "Nine pieces of sapphire assembled together. That's very difficult to do in watch-making."

The sapphire used in the BR-X1 is pure to 99.997 percent (which means it's free of other elements), making it is colorless.

Source: CNBC

Behind the luminous crystal sits the watch's "skeleton," the intricate timekeeping mechanisms of the watch, crafted from titanium and stainless steel.

Source: CNBC

Bell & Ross created only eight of these high-end timepieces in late 2017. But if you're thinking about snatching one up, think again. The BR-X1 completely sold out with jet-like speed.

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