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Grab your sneakers and step inside Onefootball’s Berlin HQ, where staff can kick around soccer balls on their lunch break

Inside Onefootball's Berlin office

In the heart of Berlin lies the headquarters of Onefootball, a popular platform dedicated to delivering the latest information about soccer — and what better way to show its love for the game, than to have an office layout that mimics that of a soccer pitch.

When entering the office, the theme of football permeates every room: whether that's the stadium-like seating for company gatherings and artificial grass floors in the meeting rooms, or the foosball tables and goal posts located around the workplace.

"Onefootball is a football app for football fans and that's why the theme of the whole office is football of course," Patricia Nothelle, operations manager at Onefootball, told CNBC Make It, during a tour of its office.

Courtesy of Onefootball (Credit: Benjamin A. Monn/TKEZ)

"Every new employee is fascinated by the office design — they see and feel how much effort is put in here to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. With working in this environment, you just feel the energy of the sport and its fans," Nothelle explained further to CNBC over email.

"I think you can just identify with the product better when having a football/sports surrounding in the company," she added, explaining how the theme helps project this sporting spirit into both the office and company culture.

To date, Onefootball has over 140 employees at its Berlin headquarters and has seen its mobile app downloaded more than 35 million times by soccer fans around the world.

At the Berlin-based headquarters, the company has "a lot of football fans," so employees are encouraged to embrace many formats of the sport during their lunch breaks — whether that's competing against others at foosball, kicking a soccer ball into designated goalposts or playing a FIFA videogame.

Courtesy of Onefootball (Credit: Benjamin A. Monn/TKEZ)

And the sport's influence doesn't stop there. Every meeting room and office is named after a different stadium, with CEO Lucas von Cranach's office called the RheinEnergieStadion, an arena located in Cologne where Cranach and his favorite team, FC Cologne, are from.

In fact, across many of the open work-areas, soccer scarfs and jerseys can be found decorated on the walls and furniture, highlighting the global phenomenon of the sport.

When it comes to work perks, being healthy is a top priority, so employees are entitled to fresh fruit and their own water bottle — on top of being encouraged to keep active. Aside from this, in Onefootball's arena employees can congregate for a number of reasons, whether that's to talk business and share ideas, or to watch soccer matches and participate in movie nights.

Courtesy of Onefootball (Credit: Benjamin A. Monn/TKEZ)

TKEZ, who is the architectural design team behind the office's contemporary look, wanted to create a light, open and multi-functional work environment that exemplified the "young and enthusiastic spirit" of Onefootball — and it appears to have achieved that, with a bright, approachable color scheme and format.

Aside from the interactive work sessions seen in the Onefootball arena, around the office employees can find whiteboards placed on the walls, allowing them to brainstorm new ideas and improve communication across one or more groups.

With the company already occupying three floors of the building, Onefootball continues to grow, so it's keen on broadening out its office space too.

Courtesy of Onefootball (Credit: Benjamin A. Monn/TKEZ)

"Onefootball is growing really fast so we need new office space," said Nothelle, showcasing the rooftop terrace, which gives employees the chance to have barbecues during the summer.

Nothelle went on to add that as well as the terrace, part of the building's fifth floor would act as a community area, offering employees a space for cooking, holding meetings and socializing. In fact, Onefootball hope to have it complete in time for the World Cup.

"We are very proud of our office design and put a lot of effort and thought into it," added Nothelle.

—CNBC's Elizabeth Schulze contributed to this report.

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