Office Envy

From yoga to working in a rooftop garden: Employee well-being is a top priority at BMF Media’s New York offices

Inside BMF Media's New York Office

The global headquarters of experiential marketing group BMF Media lie in the chaotic environs of New York City's Midtown.

When it comes to its office space, however, the agency wants its employees to work in a calming environment.

So, when BMF Media's 60-plus employees, which the firm describes as "cultural engineers," step through its office doors at 50 W. 23rd St., they are greeted by an open floor plan that has a sleek, modern design including a "calm" color scheme. The group has over 80 employees globally.

A look inside BMF Media's New York offices
Courtesy of BMF Media

"The office was designed with an open, light concept to promote cross-functional meetings and foster creativity, which means there are a variety of work-spaces for employees, as needed," Bruce Starr, founding partner of BMF Media, told CNBC Make It via email.

"This design layout makes it easier for teams to be more collaborative, which is key to BMF's success and our employees' happiness."

BMF Media specializes in a number of areas concerning brand marketing, including sponsorships, content creation and talent management. With more than a decade's experience, the agency collaborates with various industries and its clients have included Dell, MasterCard, Cointreau and YSL.

One of BMF Media's boardrooms at its NYC office
Courtesy of BMF Media

One of BMF Media's clients, cosmetics group Revlon, even helped provide staff with an onsite beauty room.

"We have events all the time. It's really crazy on event day and something really important for us was to get a space for the girls to get ready," Starr told CNBC's Uptin Saiidi during a tour.

In addition, the office can serve as an events space, from client meetings to "Mani/Massage Mondays" for employees.

Tranquility and employee well-being is as crucial to the group, Starr highlighted during the tour, as is encouraging creativity. If employees need to step away from their desks, they can take a breather inside one of the several private booths, or sit down inside "The Den."

"As we travel all the time, we felt that the best use for our private office was to create an environment that felt like home, continuing the vibe of creativity but also calm and peacefulness," said Starr, when describing "The Den," which takes on the appearance of a living room.

BMF Media's NYC office kitchen
Courtesy of BMF Media

There is also a kitchen containing fresh fruit and refreshments, including the facility to make smoothies. Elsewhere, staff members can bounce ideas off one another during a game of ping-pong, or even take time out to stretch their legs on a yoga mat.

And it wouldn't be complete without a view of the city's skyline…

"We're lucky enough that we have our own garden here on the rooftop, so (employees) can come out, work, have some fresh air and get away from all the concrete," Starr said.

"We have our Wi-Fi up here, so the staff gets to work here whenever they want — it's a good extension to get out of them out of the office, and in some clear head space."

Following the success of its New York City workplace, BMF Media is planning to renovate its other offices in Los Angeles, Miami and Austin, because — as Starr puts it — "we can't leave them hanging."

A view of New York from BMF Media's rooftop garden
Courtesy of BMF Media