The 3 key secrets to building wealth

Elle Kaplan, Contributor
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Wealth is for everyone. Your time will come, so don't ever doubt that you will not succeed. By the same token, don't rush success, because it never happens overnight.

Only those who are patient and persistent earn long-term rewards.

I know that the complexities of managing work and home life can be enough to distract you from long-term financial planning. So, to make the process simpler, I am revealing 3 major secrets that I consider to be the main aspects of wealth-building.

Don't quit your job

One wealth-building secret that is not widely known is that you will benefit greatly from remaining with your employer for as long as you can. Research shows that the wealthiest retirees stayed with one employer for 30-40 years.

As you settle into your job, invest in your future financial freedom by maximizing your 401(k) contribution, matched by your employer. You will grow your money to use and enjoy in the future.

Bonus tip: When first seeking your long-term job, make sure that it is something you are truly passionate about. Your work will keep you motivated, energized, and engaged.

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Don't remain in debt

Remaining debt-free is 'easier said than done', but ultimately, it can still be done. It just requires the self-discipline to avoid unhealthy spending habits.

Remember that interest tends to pile up and snowball until it becomes too much to handle. It affects your overall financial health and can derail you from your long-term financial goals.

It also takes a big chunk out of your income, which is money that could have been put toward investments.

Be frugal by making small changes in your life. When you are out, give yourself a set spending budget in cash, instead of turning to cards. If you end up in credit card debt, always pay above the minimum amount due so that you gain independence that much sooner.

Diversify your investments

Build a diverse portfolio to reduce risk and increase tolerance for sudden market changes. Invest globally in varied asset classes and you will protect your financial health in times when a single asset is declining. Avoid the temptation to put all your eggs in one basket: Think long-term.

Consult a professional to learn how you to align diversification strategies with your personal goals and needs.


Wealth-building is a challenge that only the most persistent people can navigate. It takes real self-control and discipline to be able to reap beneficial returns and to know that your wealth grows over time. Your present work serves as a foundation for your future happiness.

Elle Kaplan is the founder and CEO of LexION Capital, a fiduciary wealth management firm in New York City serving high-net-worth individuals. She is also the chief investment officer and founder of LexION Alpha.

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