The 25 companies with the best managers in America, according to 3 million employees

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., smiles during a news conference at the company's headquarters in Palo Alto, California, U.S., on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010.

Having a great boss can make your experience at work much better, and the opposite is also true: More than half of Americans in a Gallup survey of over 7,200 workers said they had left a job to "get away from their manager to improve their overall life."

So, if you're in the market for a new job, you may want to consider one of the companies on Comparably's "2018 Best Managers" list, which made its determination based on anonymous data submitted by three million employees representing over 45,000 large U.S. companies. The list is a part of the site's annual Leadership Awards.

The top large companies include some familiar names: Facebook, Netflix, Salesforce, Costco and T-Mobile.

Here are the top 25 large companies with the best managers, according to Comparably (listed in alphabetical order):

Aflac (Columbus, GA)
Costco (Issaquah, WA)
Dynatrace (Waltham, MA)
Facebook (Menlo Park, CA)
Fanatics (Jacksonville, FL)
Fuze (Boston, MA)
Google (Mountain View, CA)
HCA Holdings (Nashville, TN)
HubSpot (Cambridge, MA)
Insight Global (Atlanta, GA)
•International Flavors & Fragrances (New York, NY)
•Intuit (Mountain View, CA)
•Liberty Mutual Insurance (Boston, MA)
LogMeIn (Boston, MA)
•Netflix (Los Gatos, CA)
•Nevro (Redwood City, CA)
Pegasystems (Cambridge, MA)
•Quicken Loans (Detroit, MI)
Salesforce (San Francisco, CA)
Sport Clips (Georgetown, TX)
•T-Mobile (Bellevue, WA)
Trimble (Sunnyvale, CA)
•Vertafore (Denver, CO)
•Workfront (Lehi, UT)
Zillow (Seattle, WA)

"These managers expressed empathy and caring for their employees as individuals. There was a key sense that they were fair in their dealings with everybody," Comparably CEO Jason Nazar tells CNBC Make It. "They empowered their team members to make key decisions and focused on their professional development."

Nazar says that employees commonly described good managers as approachable, accessible, willing to adapt, transparent and collaborative.

The companies on the list had to have more than 500 employees and a minimum of 50 employees on Comparably. Winners were determined based on a set of questions asked of employees, such as, "Does your manager seem to care about you as a person?" and "Do you feel comfortable giving your boss negative feedback?"

A spokesperson notes that the companies chosen were so close in statistical ranking that Comparably felt it best not to rank them but to group the outstanding teams of managers together as "the top 25 best of the best."

Suzy Welch: The clever little secret to managing your manager
Suzy Welch: The clever little secret to managing your manager

In past years, Facebook has made a concerted effort to mark the difference between a "great" manager and an "okay" manager, and it seems the company's work is paying off.

"At Facebook, the great managers are supporting, they're taking care of people, they're reinforcing people's strengths, they're trying to make sure they get the opportunities to learn and grow in their jobs," vice president of HR Janelle Gale told job review site Glassdoor.

Unlike "okay" managers, great ones work "side-by-side" with their employees. "It's almost like [they're] supporters, not managers," Gale added.

And it's worth keeping in mind that being a great manager doesn't always come naturally, even for today's most well known execs: Here's how Bill Gates learned to kick his bad habits while first creating Microsoft.

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