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Satya Nadella, Marc Benioff and John Legere are among the 10 best CEOs for women

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.
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The success of a company and its employees has a lot to do with the characteristics and qualities of its leadership team. In fact, studies show that one of the top causes of workplace unhappiness is having a bad boss.

To spotlight which company leaders are creating healthy workplaces for female employees, job website Comparably created a list of the 50 Best CEOs for Women. The data was compiled using anonymous survey responses from female staff members at the largest U.S. companies, (which Comparably says includes companies that have 500 or more employees) between March 23, 2017, and March 23, 2018.

To qualify, CEOs had to have a minimum of 50 female employees rate their leadership style. Comparably says factors regarding company-wide policies like parental leave were not considered since that's focused more on how women feel about the overall company rather than just their leader.

"These chief executives obviously created a culture that supports and encourages women and we hope their example will motivate other leaders to do the same," Comparably's CEO Jason Nazar tells CNBC Make It over email.

Topping the list is Costco CEO Craig Jelinek, who was praised by many employees for having a leadership team that is "fair and open-minded" as well as being "extremely personable and easy to get along with."

There are no women CEOs in the top 10. Julie Sweet of Accenture is the first female CEO, coming in at no. 29. There are three other women CEOs on the list: Mary Barra of General Motors (no. 37), Marillyn Hewson of Lockheed Martin (no. 45) and Amy Zupon of Vertafore (no. 46).

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Take a look below to see what other leaders at some of America's largest companies rounded out the top 10:

1. Craig Jelinek, Costco

Employee comment: Costco's leadership team is "always willing to listen and to pitch in and help if needed."

2. Satya Nadella, Microsoft

Employee comment: Microsoft's leadership team offers a "great support system and management."

3. Bert Bean, Insight Global

Employee comment: Insight Global's leadership team "cares about their employees both personally and professionally."

4. Brian Halligan, Hubspot

Employee comment: Hubspot's leadership team "is very transparent and cares deeply about the people" at the company.

Intuit CEO Brad Smith.
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5. Brad Smith, Intuit

Employee comment: Intuit has a "diverse leadership team who live the company values and put employees first."

6. John Legere, T-Mobile

Employee comment: T-Mobile's leadership team is a "family, very personable and they look out for you."

7. Rami Elghandour, Nevro

Employee comment: Nevro's leadership team is one that "truly cares about the patients, customers and employees."

8. Alex Shootman, Workfront

Employee comment: Workfront's leadership team is "genuine, focused, supportive and engaged." They are also "real leaders, not just managers or administrators."

9. William R. Wagner, LogMeIn

Employee comment: LogMeIn's leadership team "takes the time to talk to everyone and don't act like they're better than us because of their position."

10. Marc Benioff, Salesforce

Employee comment: Salesforce's leadership team "listens and takes action."

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