9 companies that will let you work from home and help pay for your vacation

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Studies show that American workers use an average of 54 percent of their eligible vacation days. In an effort to encourage employees to make more time for rest and relaxation, some employers are offering stipends, discounts and reimbursements to staff members who go on vacation.

Recently, job search site Glassdoor compiled a list of companies that provide these extra perks. To see which of these organizations also offer the opportunity to work from home at least part-time, career site FlexJobs compared the list to companies on its platform that have openings for remote positions.

Take a look below to see what companies will provide day-to-day flexibility and help you take a vacation.

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Vacation perk: Airbnb is an online hospitality service that offers its employees $2,000 worth of travel coupons each year.

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Vacation perk: BambooHR is an HR software company that offers its employees $2,000 each year to travel.

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Vacation perk: Evernote is a mobile app company that helps its users capture and organize their notes. The company offers its employees unlimited vacation days and a $1,000 yearly vacation stipend.

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Vacation perk: Expedia is a travel booking site that offers its employees a travel reimbursement of $250-$750 depending on how long a person has been with the company. Expedia also provides employees with discounts on retail and travel packages that are purchased on the site.

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Increasingly, workers will have more freedom to work where they want to live, instead of living where they have to work.
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Vacation perk: FullContact is a platform that helps companies to maintain business relationships. As a way to encourage its employees to take time away from the office, FullContact offers $7,500 per year for traveling expenses and it has a policy that prohibits staff members from working while on vacation.

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Vacation perk: Moz is a software as a service company that provides its employees with 21 days of paid time off per year, seven days of sick leave, 10 paid holidays and $3,000 per year for vacation reimbursement.

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Vacation perk: TravelZoo is an online company that provides travel deals to its users around the world. Michael Stitt, President of Travelzoo North America, tells Glassdoor that employees are offered a $1,500 stipend and three extra PTO days if they book a hotel stay, vacation package, cruise or flight offer that was negotiated through the company on behalf of its users.

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Vacation perk: TripAdvisor is a travel site where users can book flights, hotel stays and vacation rentals. Employees of the company are offered travel reimbursements of $250 or more depending on how long they have been with the company. Workers are also offered discounts on packages that are booked through the site.

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United Airlines

Vacation perk: United Airlines is a flight company that offers its employees discounted airline tickets and unlimited standby travel on any of its flights.

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