Here's why Venus and Serena Williams still say they haven't 'made it'

Venus Williams saves most of her prize money—but she has one guilty...

Venus and Serena Williams, at 38 and 36 years old, have achieved more in their careers than most people could dream of: Between the two of them, they’ve won 30 Grand Slam singles titles and earned more than $125 million in prize money.

What’s more, they both have their own fashion lines and have been minority owners of the Miami Dolphins since 2009. They were the first female African Americans to hold an ownership stake in an NFL franchise.

But if you ask them, the tennis legends will say they haven’t yet "made it."

"I don't think like that," Serena told CNBC Make It in 2016. "I'm still going and doing the best that I can."

The Williams sisters hold their trophies after winning the Ladies Doubles Final at Wimbledon in 2016
 Clive Brunskill | Getty Images 

Her older sister said something similar in a 2018 interview with CNBC Make It: “I'm always trying to make it. It’s not about getting there; it's about what you achieve every single day, so in that sense I don't ever feel like I've made it.”

They never rest on their laurels, and perhaps that is the reason they’ve continued to achieve.

In just her fourth tournament since having her baby, Serena is through to the 2018 Wimbledon semifinal and two matches away from capturing her 24th Grand Slam title.

But, as she told CNBC Make It, winning a Grand Slam or championship doesn't necessarily mean you're successful: “I think success is how you define it. Each person has their own success point and grade." And while Serena has unquestionably triumphed on and off the court, in her mind, there’s still work to do.

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Serena Williams doesn’t think she’s 'made it'