This is how long it would take to watch all the movies on Netflix (while still showering and sleeping)

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Is it possible to watch all the movies and documentaries on Netflix, while maintaining normal daily activities? Science says yes, but it would take over half a year.

A new study conducted by Kinnari Naik of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Science at the University of Leicester, found that it would take a whopping 236.5 days to watch all the movies and documentaries newly added to U.K. Netflix in 2017 while still eating, drinking, doing bathroom activities and sleeping.

Different countries have different Netflix libraries, so U.S. timing would vary. But using the study methodology, it would take around 72.3 days to watch all of Netflix's 2017 original programming in the U.S., from "The Crown" to "Stranger Things."


The U.K. study, published in April, had to make several assumptions, the main one being that the person is unemployed with nothing to do but eat, drink, sleep, bathe and watch Netflix.

Looking at the typical times spent on daily activities, Naik accounted for 420 minutes of sleeping, 45 minutes for using the bathroom, 15 minutes for bathing, 90 minutes for eating and 40 minutes for drinking per day. That leaves 830.4 minutes for watching Netflix, or 13.84 hours per day.

The study states that in 2017, 1,399 movies were added to U.K. Netflix, and for the purpose of the study, Naik assumed the average movie length was 130 minutes. Additionally, 242 new documentaries were added (Naik accounted for one hour per documentary).

After crunching the numbers, the study found a total of 3,273.17 hours of viewing time of all movies and documentaries that were added to U.K. Netflix in 2017. For a person spending 58 percent of their day watching Netflix, that would take 236.5 days to view. It would certainly take much longer for people who are employed, take care of children or spend time socializing.

By comparison, in the U.S., Netflix announced the release of 1,000 hours of original movies and shows for 2017. Using that stat and the U.K. study's methodology, bingeing all those 2017 originals (while still, eating, drinking, bathing, using the bathroom and sleeping but nothing else) would take 72.3 days.

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