One of the hottest toys of 2018 is a $50 unicorn that poops glitter slime and it's ridiculously fun

The hottest toy of 2018 is a $50 unicorn that poops glitter slime

Unicorns, sparkly slime, and poop. If that sounds like a match made in heaven, you're in luck.

One of the hottest toys this holiday season is Poopsie Surprise Unicorn, a unicorn doll with luscious locks that poops colorful sparkling slime.

CNBC Make It wanted you to witness the magic for yourself, so we snatched up one of the few remaining Poopsies Surprise Unicorns for $49.99 at Target.

While getting a kids' toy unicorn to poop rainbows sounds like it should be simple, it wasn't.

How many adults does it take to get Poopsie Surprise Unicorn to poop sparkling slime? Apparently more than four. That's how many producers were left scratching their heads over the complicated toy.

It started off like a unicorn dream, feeding Poopsie spoonfuls of sparkling powder, "unicorn food" (another white powder) and water. Unfortunately, Poopsie didn't digest the ingredients so well and a dark pink liquid immediately poured out from her pink diapers. She's supposed to poop, but not quite like that.

Poopsie's diaper fit in such a way that it put pressure on her belly button, which is the button that opens her behind, so that may have been the issue.

Before trying again, we had to clean Poopsie thoroughly to remove the slime that was jamming her throat and opening on the other end.

We removed the diaper the second time around, to make sure there was no pressure on her belly button. But this time, the slime simply refused to come out. There were a couple other attempts when the liquid we fed Poopsie kept seeping out of her mouth.

If a group of 20-something adults couldn't make Poopsie work, best of luck to all the children who will be receiving Poopsie Surprise Unicorn from Santa this Christmas.

I'm disappointed Poopsie never pooped sparkling slime, but trying to make it happen was hilarious fun in and of itself.

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