This $100,000 tech job is seeing rapid salary growth

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As if a salary of almost $106,000 a year wasn't a good enough reason to become a solutions architect, workers in this role can also expect to see their paycheck continue to grow — significantly.

That's because this role's wages are growing at more than twice the national average, up 5.5 percent year-over-year.

Even with unemployment at 3.7 percent — the lowest rate in more than a decade, wages in most fields have grown at a sluggish pace. Nationally, salaries increased only 2.6 percent from last November, while inflation rose 2.2 percent in that same period, according to Glassdoor's November Local Pay Report and Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

So a role that offers true salary growth and consistently beats inflation is a rare gem — and yet, this is one that's not impossible to find. Glassdoor currently lists more than 62,000 open positions on its site for a solutions architect, a person responsible for designing information and computer systems within an organization. 

"Pay for workers with both technical and non-technical skills like solutions architect … is on the rise. As the tech industry has matured, the need for workers has evolved beyond just technical talent to the ability to scale businesses," writes Daniel Zhao, economist and data scientist at Glassdoor, on the company's economic research blog.

"Additionally, companies in other industries have looked to adopt best practices from tech, whether it be scientifically-minded management, new technology or data analytics. As these trends accelerate, the demand for workers who can translate technical know-how into business outcomes should continue to drive up wages."

If you don't know a thing about computers or tech, don't worry. There are roles across other industries experiencing significant wage gains, too.

Bank tellers are currently seeing the biggest pay bump of the 84 positions Glassdoor tracks monthly. Their wages are growing 9.1 percent, more than three times the national rate, bringing annual salaries to a median base of $31,444. Maintenance workers and cashiers are up too, with gains of 6.3 percent and 5.8 percent respectively.

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