The median base salary at Glassdoor's Best Places to Work is $73,200—40% more than US median pay

Google Inc. offices
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When to comes to employee satisfaction and company culture, the tech industry still comes out on top.

Tech companies dominate Glassdoor's U.S. Large Best Places to Work list. Twenty-six percent of the companies that make the list for 2019 were tech companies like LinkedIn (No. 6), Facebook (No. 7) and Google (No. 8).

Other happy workers can be found at healthcare companies, which make up 13 percent of the list; professional services employers, which account for 10 percent of the list; and manufacturing companies, which make up 8 percent of the list.

One factor driving that positive employee engagement may be the fierce competition for talent happening in these industries, according to Glassdoor community expert Scott Dobroski. Companies in the top 100 not only offer great benefits, a fulfilling work culture and opportunities to grow, but they also reward their employees well monetarily.

The median base pay for open roles at these employers is $73,200, or 40 percent more than the median salary for a full-time American worker, which is $52,746, according to Glassdoor's October Local Pay Report, the most current data available when the analysis was conducted.

Best industries to work in

Throughout the 11 years that the job listing and salary comparison site has been ranking employers based on feedback, tech companies have consistently dominated, trailed by professional services and manufacturing. Glassdoor notes on its research blog that, "Workplace culture is consistently strong at America's 'knowledge worker' employers in tech and professional services."

Tech companies make up 34 percent of the top 50 companies on the 2019 list, compared to 25 percent of that group in 2009 (until 2018, the list only included 50 employers.)

"The tech industry stands apart in terms of employee satisfaction, accounting for twice the share of winners than any other industry," economic research analyst Amanda Stansell and co-author Andrew Chamberlain wrote on Glassdoor's economic research blog post, "Trends in America's Best Places to Work: 2009 to 2019."

Tech, professional services, retail, biotech and manufacturing dominate among large companies

Glassdoor points out that tech industry's dominance might be related to the increased number of tech companies in that 11-year time-span and their need for top talent. Competition has led many companies to introduce perks that big Silicon Valley firms are known for, like unlimited sick days, nap pods, free meals on-site, free messages and four-month maternity and paternity leaves.

But it's not just salary, benefits and perks that keep tech employees happy at the office.

"The biggest themes we've seen from employees in the tech field about why they're satisfied with their job is that they get to work on interesting projects that affect people's lives. The nature of the work and constant need to innovate are very exciting to employees," says Dobroski. "They work with smart colleagues, and there are opportunities for career advancement."

Professional services is the second-best represented industry on the list. Employers such as 2019's Best Place to Work, Bain & Company, fall into this category, as does Boston Consulting Group (No. 5). Historically, it's followed by manufacturing, retail and travel and tourism companies. Stansell notes that the number of companies from the manufacturing and travel and tourism industries has been declining in recent years.

"We see more diverse employers making the list as they realize they need to be more attractive to keep talent. This is a job seekers' market, and it is affecting all employers," says Stansell.

Working for a "Best" employer

If you're on the hunt for a new gig, Glassdoor found that there are currently 95,000 open positions across all of the 100 Large Best Places to Work winners named on 2019's list.

The most in-demand role? Software engineer, with 3,265 openings, many of them at Google and Apple. Not exactly surprising news, considering how prevalent tech companies are on the list, and that this role is one of the most common jobs at a tech firm.

The jobs pays well too, if you land it. The median base salary for a software engineer at one of the top 100 companies is $108,800 per year.

Registered nurses had the second-most openings, with 2,282 roles available. The median base pay for this job is $78,100 per year. Tax professionals were the third most likely to find employment at one of these companies. There are currently 2,118 open jobs for them.

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Google Inc. offices
Michael Short | Bloomberg | Getty Images
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