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7 top-rated apps that will make you smarter, calmer and healthier in 2019


We all have big goals for the new year, but with packed schedules, we often need to meet those goals while on the go.

To keep you on track, motivated and inspired, CNBC Make It has collected the best self-improvement apps for Android phones and iPhones. These apps, recently named among the top tools by Google and Apple, can help you get fit or even learn a new skill in the year ahead.

Download these seven apps now and get a head start on your goals for 2019.


Mimo, an app that helps you learn to write code, was named one of the best self improvement apps by Google Play. The app, available for iPhones or Android phones, offers colorful bite-sized lessons to make learning to code less daunting. Its simple exercises can help you fit learning this new skill into any routine.

10% Happier

The 10% Happier app, listed as one of Google Play's best self improvement apps, makes meditation accessible and simple through daily videos, guided experiences and practical advice. It offers a clear, simple approach to meditation with a two-week class taught by Dan Harris (a former meditation skeptic and New York Times bestselling author) and Joseph Goldstein (a renowned meditation teacher). The app is available for iPhones or Android phones.


The MasterClass app offers more than 45 classes taught by top personalities in their field allowing you an expert look at philosophies, processes and techniques for everything from writing to game design. You can learn to cook with Gordon Ramsay or take pictures with Annie Leibovitz on the app, which is available for iPhones or Android phones.

Keep Trainer

If it's an at-home fitness app you're looking for, Keep Trainer is free and requires no equipment. It has a range of workout plans complete with step-by-step instructions to help you reach your training goals. It is available for iPhones or Android phones.

Language Drops

Language Drops, a free app that Google Play ranked as a top self improvement tool, offers the chance to learn 31 languages using short word games that make the process fun. After each session you'll see your daily progress with a detailed report of all the words that you studied. The app is available for iPhones or Android phones.


Fabulous was ranked as one of Apple's best apps of the year for self-care. The tool taps principles from behavioral economics to reset your habits and help you make lasting change in your life whether you're looking to feel more energized, lose weight or sleep better. The app is available for iPhones or Android phones.


Apple presented Shine as one of the best apps for self-care in 2018. Features such as daily texts or motivational messages can give you a boost in the morning, a break in the afternoon or help you wind down before bedtime. The app covers topics like self-love, anxiety and burnout, and is available for the iPhone.

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