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Steph and Ayesha Curry are 'savvy' about money—but she splurges on this relatable thing

Ayesha Curry loves to splurge at Whole Foods—and Steph Curry always checks...

Power couple Steph and Ayesha Curry are each successful in their own right: He's an NBA superstar with three championship rings, while she's a restauranteur, bestselling cookbook author and founder of a lifestyle brand.

Still, the husband and wife (who are also parents to three kids) are refreshingly relatable in the way they approach grocery shopping.

Ayesha admits that her husband is the more frugal one, while she tends to splurge a bit more — particularly when it comes to groceries. Food and cooking are close to Ayesha's heart; her barbecue restaurant International Smoke has served high-profile guests like Barack Obama, and she authored the bestselling cookbook "The Seasoned Life."

"I unfortunately splurge more than my husband, but I wouldn't necessarily call it 'splurge,'" Ayesha tells CNBC Make It. "I think we're both very savvy when it comes to our finances. When I say splurge, I'm talking about like the occasional, semi-high Whole Foods bill — which my husband still continues to complain about.

"I mean this man like still checks the Whole Foods bill," she adds. "I'm like, 'You want to eat, right?'"

The Currys can certainly afford to foot some pretty hefty food bills, which makes their frugality that much more admirable.

Ayesha has built an empire that includes restaurant International Smoke (which has three locations) and massive lifestyle brand Homemade, which features everything from cookware to bedding to meal kits. Steph is the NBA's second-highest-paid player, and in 2017, signed a $201 million five-year contract with the Golden State Warriors. Including salary, bonuses and endorsements, Forbes estimates that he earned $79.5 million this year.

But despite all that success, they still find Whole Foods — or, as some prefer to call it, "Whole Paycheck" — pricey. "He pretty much finds everything in Whole Foods expensive. Because it is," Ayesha admits.

But Ayesha says they're financially compatible, and help each other out when it comes to money management, which many personal finance experts emphasize as an important element of a successful marriage. She says that Steph helps keep her accountable, and when life gets busy, that can certainly come in handy.

"I definitely think being compatible financially is very important and I think we're both really good about our savings and what we spend our money on and how we invest it," Ayesha says. "And so it's important, definitely, to be on the same page.

"My husband holds me accountable for making sure that I'm checking in on our finances," she says. "Sometimes I get in the thick of parenthood and work, and I forget to stop and check on the way we're managing things. And so he keeps me in check by reminding me to go check it out, just so I know what's going on."

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