Graduating in 2019? These 3 tiny yet powerful mindset shifts will set you up for rapid success

Graduates: Here's how to start your career in the best way possible

With college hiring expected to increase by almost 17% this year,  according to a new survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), it's an exciting time to be a new graduate.

Embarking on the journey to a new career path can be both challenging and fun at the same time. Having spent much of my career studying people who've excelled in their professional lives, I've found that the key to success is starting with a strong mindset.

If you want to start your career in the strongest way possible, make these three powerful mindset shifts:

1) Your career isn't a point of destination, it's a scavenger hunt

There is no such thing as a "perfect career plan."

While it can be comforting to think of your career as a series of consecutive steps that will ultimately lead you to a predetermined destination, there's no way to predict what comes next.

You should constantly be searching for your next move. Look for roles and responsibilities that will allow you to truly use your key strengths and stand out.

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2) The "what" always trumps the "who" and "why"

You might join a company because you believe in its mission or because you really liked the people you met in the interview process. Both are important.

But nothing matters more than what you'll actually be doing every day. Before you accept a job offer, ask yourself: What am I being paid to do? What are the actual activities of the job? What will I be doing at 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon?

If you believe in what the company is selling and love the people you're working for, but at the same time hate the daily tasks, you won't last very long in that role.

3. Take yourself seriously, because no one else will

People can't guess what your natural strengths are. You know your strengths and what you lean into better than anyone else. Sure, your boss may be the one to evaluate your performance, but you are the best judge of your own skills.

So with every task you perform in your job, really pay attention to what your most unique and meaningful strengths are. By doing so, you'll be setting yourself up for a successful future.

Marcus Buckingham is a global researcher and thought leader. He founded The Marcus Buckingham Company in 2006 with a clear mission: To instigate a "strengths revolution." Marcus is also the co-author of "Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader's Guide to the Real World." Follow him on

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