Drew Barrymore, who uses a Ziploc bag for a wallet, shares the credit card she can't live without

American Express

Drew Barrymore is an award-winning actress, best-selling author and a successful business woman. So you might be surprised to learn that these days she's using a Ziploc bag as her de facto wallet.

CNBC Make It caught up with Barrymore at a recent American Express x WeWork event, where the actress turned entrepreneur shared what's in her wallet. The busy 44-year-old mother of two keeps things very simple carrying just two credit cards and her driver's license.

While Barrymore is pretty much a minimalist when it comes to the contents of her Ziploc bag, she has a sentimental streak: She also carries copies of her daughters' school pictures alongside her cards.

"It's nice to have them and look at them and show them off," she says.

For business expenses, Barrymore says the Business Platinum Card® from American Express is her card of choice. The card has generous rewards program, including a 50,000 membership rewards points bonus after spending $10,000, and an extra 25,000 point bonus after you spend an additional $10,000 within the first three months following card activation.

"It's so dope and makes me feel like a baller," she says of her Amex card. "Airplane miles are really important to me and all the people at my company for traveling all the time. We live on those miles from the credit cards."

Barrymore has been an Amex card member for years, and she was paid a fee to speak at the American Express x WeWork event

Just like over 380 million iPhone users, Barrymore is also "super into the convenience" of Apple Pay when she isn't using a cash or a card.

Another star who isn't into carrying cash is Chrissy Metz from NBC's hit show "This Is Us." In a recent interview with CNBC Make It, she shared the contents of her wallet. Other than a few credit cards, including an American Express Platinum card, her Costco membership card, a driver's license, and a bit of change for paying parking meters, Metz keeps her wallet pretty decluttered.

"I hardly ever carry cash," Metz said. "Although, when I come to New York, I try to have cash."

The American Express x WeWork evening was focused on entrepreneurship — Barrymore is the founder of Flower Beauty and recently launched a homegoods line with WalMart. She spoke candidly about her experience managing a team, how her businesses have helped her find purpose outside of acting and the importance of having a good support system.

"When you're lucky enough to work with people who believe in you, or share a vision, do everything you can to cultivate that garden with such grace and appreciation every single day of your life," Barrymore says.

Having a great team to go to with your ideas is something Barrymore says she first learned to appreciate when she opened her production company in 1995.

"The one thing I learned [running] Flower Films — which was my first humbling foray into business — was how embarrassingly humiliated, humbled and grateful I was to understand that you do nothing alone. You are just a kid in your living room with all your dreams with nowhere to put them until you find a partner ... and present that [dream] to another group of people who will back you and believe in you and give you that opportunity."

"Realizing we don't do anything alone is when our dreams start to soar."

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