7 millionaires reveal their favorite Father's Day gifts

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What do you give a dad who has it all for Father's Day? We asked these millionaires and Advisors in The Oracles about the best gifts they've given or received. Their unique ideas will inspire you — and maybe even make you rethink gifting altogether.

1. Experiences

"My dad died when I was 10, so I didn't have many chances to celebrate Father's Day with him. The best Father's Day gift I ever gave was to my mother. I surprised her by showing up at her house, telling her to pack a bag and sweeping her off to Las Vegas for three days. We stayed at the Bellagio and ate, drank, gambled and walked the Strip. Two of those nights, we even found ourselves wandering back to our rooms at daybreak. Not bad, considering she was in her 80s!

We both reflected on that trip a lot until she passed away five years later. That gift will stay with me until I die. That just proves it's better to give than to receive, and great experiences are always great gifts."

Grant Cardone, sales expert, who has built a $750 million real estate empire, and NYT bestselling author; follow Grant on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube

2. Something personal

"I absolutely agree that spending time with your dad is the best way to celebrate him. But if you do want to give him a gift, get him something meaningful that is unique to who he is. Watches or rings are a great way to honor his personality. Some men come to us for a second wedding ring they can use when they're worried about losing or damaging the real thing — something they can wear at the beach or while working out.

Others are looking for a ring that reflects their personality. A lot of men get expensive gold wedding rings because they think they should, even if they dislike gold. Get your dad (or husband) something that fits his day-to-day life and expresses who he is. If he likes hunting, for example, find a ring featuring deer antler. Or if he's a fan of science fiction, look for jewelry made from meteorite or carbon fiber. Some brands also have a concierge service to help you choose the perfect gift."

—Johnathan Ruggiero, founder and CEO of Manly Bands; connect with Johnathan on LinkedIn

3. Nothing

"Father's Day is special, so it is understandable to want to give your father a special gift. But what do you get someone who has everything? Nothing. That's the best Father's Day gift I've ever received.

Two weeks before Father's Day last year, I learned that my wife was leaving me. I decided to take our teenage sons to Wisconsin to see my own father before telling them that our family was changing. As we fished on Pewaukee Lake, I reflected on the years of fishing with my father and grandfather. When there is nothing but you and yours, that is the most precious gift of all. Simply get a big box of nothing and spend time with your kids and parents."

James Daily, founding partner of Daily Law Group, which helps high-profile clients with fiduciary abuse litigation, including fraud, crisis management, and business and family disputes; connect with James on LinkedIn

4. Memories

"A year ago, my thoughtful wife ordered cards from with pictures of my son and me. On Father's Day, she hid the first card somewhere I'd find it. On the back, she wrote a sweet note from our young son. I don't know how many cards she ordered, but every so often I find a new one. If I come home from a work trip, I'll find one on my pillow telling me how proud our son is that his dad works so hard.

We are on an eight-month family trip right now. My wife has been capturing the destinations, experiences, and our son's growth from a baby into a toddler by writing cards from him and leaving them for me to find. After several months of this, she revealed her plan: When we return home, she's going to hang all the cards in my office so I can see them and remember the experiences."

—Jonathan Goodman, founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center and the first-ever certification for online fitness training, the Online Trainer Academy; connect with Jonathan on Facebook and Instagram

5. Time together

"Time is the best Father's Day gift I have ever given or received. It is the most precious resource we have. I have only been a father for a few years, but I have been able to spend quality time with my family and children each year, and that is so special. The Father's Day that stands out the most was last year. I was able to be with my father and son at a Stanley Cup finals game. Give your time and experiences, rather than things.

—Daniel Lesniak, founder of Orange Line Living, broker at the Keri Shull Team, and co-founder of real estate coaching business HyperFast Agent; author of "The HyperLocal, HyperFast Real Estate Agent"

6. A handwritten card

"Handwritten notes have become rare in today's world of social media and text messaging, which often has no real character or thoughtfulness. The rarity of receiving a letter adds to its value. It means someone put thought and effort into something they could have written in a text message.

I encourage our children to express their gratitude and feelings through writing, especially for a holiday like Father's Day. There is nothing their father and I cherish more than a handwritten card from our kids. They become keepsakes we can reread whenever we like, a way to evoke wonderful memories of times we spent together.

So write your dad a letter and make that long overdue call to say "I love you." Pay him a visit, plan an outing away from distractions, or create a memory album. These great ways to connect can be extremely therapeutic. The best things in life are free."

Gail Corder Fischer, executive vice chairman of Fischer & Company, a leading global corporate real estate firm that provides consulting, brokerage, and technology solutions

7. Love

"My daughter, Faith, is finishing her junior year of high school. I don't get as much time with her as I did when she was younger; so when I do get her attention, I value the time we spend together tremendously. Father's Day is such a special day for me because Faith and my wife, Kerry, dote all over me. I'm king for the day, and I feel the love. It's never about the gifts, but the quality time I spend with my girls.

One year, they took me to a musical. Though I love musicals, that wouldn't be my first choice. But that was one of the best Father's Days — not just because we had so much fun, but because I got to watch my girls enjoy the day as much as I did. Ties and other gifts are fine, but if you want to make your dad feel like a king, just spend time with him and give him your love."

Peter Hernandez, president of the Western Region at Douglas Elliman; founder and president of Teles Properties

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