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Most uniquely popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state, according to Google

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Everyone has a favorite food when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. So which ones are popular across America?

To shed some light on the question Google provided CNBC Make It with data on the most uniquely searched Thanksgiving side dishes from Nov. 1 to Nov. 8 in every state and Washington, D.C. (Those are keywords searched disproportionately in one state compared to the U.S. as a whole. "Top searched topics" tends to yield uniform results, according to Google.)

It turns out a lot of people are searching "stuffing" or "dressing" (depending on what it's called where you live) and sweet potatoes are a big hit too, whether it's in the form of a casserole or with marshmallows.

Then there are the outliers, like North Dakota's interest in "keto soup."

Here are the most uniquely searched Thanksgiving sides in every state and D.C., according to Google:

Google Trends

Alabama: dressing

Alaska: mashed potatoes

Arizona: creamy mashed potatoes

Arkansas: dressing

California: mac and cheese

Colorado: stuffing

Connecticut: stuffing

Delaware: sweet potatoes

Florida: dressing

Georgia: dressing

Hawaii: sweet potatoes

Idaho: stuffing

Illinois: stuffing

Indiana: dressing

Iowa: salad

Kansas: glazed sweet potatoes

Kentucky: dressing

Louisiana: cornbread dressing

Maine: potato

Maryland: mac and cheese

Massachusetts: butternut squash

Michigan: mac and cheese

Minnesota: stuffing

Mississippi: casserole

Missouri: green bean

Montana: green bean casserole

Nebraska: mashed potatoes

Nevada: green bean casserole

New Hampshire: brussel sprouts

New Jersey: stuffing

New Mexico: butternut squash

New York: cornbread stuffing

North Carolina: dressing

North Dakota: keto soup

Ohio: stuffed mushrooms

Oklahoma: casserole

Oregon: mashed potatoes

Pennsylvania: stuffing

Rhode Island: cranberry sauce

South Carolina: dressing

South Dakota: salad

Tennessee: cream corn

Texas: fruit salad

Utah: stuffing

Vermont: vegetables

Virginia: roasted sweet potatoes

Washington: green beans

Washington, D.C.: sweet potato casserole

West Virginia: casserole

Wisconsin: sweet potatoes with marshmallows

Wyoming: crescent rolls

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