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The 50 best companies for women, according to employee ratings

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Finding a job with good pay, benefits and a positive work culture can be difficult. But, according to employee review site Comparably, there are a few companies that meet these standards, based on feedback from their female staff.

After reviewing nearly 10 million ratings that were submitted anonymously by female professionals between Nov. 19, 2018 and Nov. 19, 2019, Comparably compiled its 2019 list of "Best Companies for Women." To qualify, large companies with more than 500 employees had to receive at least 75 employee ratings, and small to mid-size companies with fewer than 500 employees had to receive at least 25 employee ratings.

Each company was measured based on employee feedback about compensation, work-life balance, perks and benefits, positive work culture, leadership and career opportunities. The top 50 large companies that received the highest ratings were then placed on the "Best Companies for Women" list in alphabetical order.

Among the large companies that made the list, 83% of female employees said they feel they're being compensated fairly at their job. That's compared to just 54% of female employees whose companies did not make the list. When looking at workplace culture, 92% of female employees from the top companies said they have a positive work environment, and 86% said they are satisfied with their job's perks and benefits.

According to Comparably, perks and benefits at many of these companies include paid parental leave, flexible work options and pay parity.

"It is important to understand the sentiment of women's experiences in the workplace, especially on topics such as fair compensation, career advancement opportunities, leadership and benefits," said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. "Many studies show that inspiring, encouraging and supporting all diverse voices and contributions is critical to business growth, creativity and innovation."

When comparing last year's list to this year's list, several companies including Accenture, ADP, Costco and Intuit have consistently made the cut as a top employer for women, according to its female staff.

Accenture CEO Julie Sweet and Costco CEO Craig Jelinek also made Comparably's "Best CEOs for Women" list earlier this year, based on employee ratings around culture and management style.

When looking at employee reviews for each of these companies, one female employee praised Accenture for its "fair policy and friendly atmosphere." While a female employee at Costco praised the company for its welcoming work environment to new moms.

"We're all moms so we help each other at work and in our personal lives to push to the best," one employee said. "It's an amazing environment."

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