Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts you'd buy if you were super rich (and a couple you can afford to splurge on now)

New York's Fifth Avenue at Christmas time

When it comes to gift-giving, not everyone can afford to be as generous as Warren Buffett, who has been known to give family members thousands of dollars worth of stock for the holidays. But if you have the cash — or are just fantasizing about what you might give if you could — here are some over-the-top gifts that are the height of luxury.

Designer earbuds

Louis Vuitton Horizon logo earphones
Louis Vuitton

If you thought Apple's new $249 AirPods Pro were swanky, check out this Louis Vuitton branded pair — even the charging cable has the famous LV logo. The earphones themselves are made by Master & Dynamic (whose regular earphones cost between about $80 and $300), have voice-assistant enabled capabilities and work with all Bluetooth devices.

Doggy mansion

Rockstar Puppy's The Rockstar Dog House; $50,000

Source: Rockstar Puppy

For a mere five figures, wealthy dog lovers can get their pampered pooch a custom doghouse from luxe pet accessories brand Rockstar Puppy. The dog mansion has a limestone exterior with hand-sculpted corbels, and there's even a fire hydrant outside. Inside are real wood floors, crown molding and battery-operated LED lighting.

Surprise survival adventure

Beautiful sunrise across a Ger in the village in Mongolia.
Kriangkrai Thitimakorn

If you've ever fantasized about being Bear Grylls and getting dropped in the wilderness to find your way back, luxury travel company Black Tomato can make your dreams come true, and you won't even have to eat bugs. The company's Get Lost adventure takes you to "uncharted" destinations to explore (while "under the distant watch of a dedicated support team," of course).

While each itinerary is completely custom, a recent seven-day trip the company planned to Mongolia for three people with survival expert Randy Champagne cost nearly $118,000 (plus internal flights, visas and gratuity), according to Black Tomato. The itinerary included on-location survival training, kayaking, hiking, rafting, riding horses (in a traditional wooden Mongolian saddle) and more.

Travelers just show up at the airport without knowing where they're going, and Black Tomato does the rest.

Personal sauna

Clearlight Premier IS-5 five-seater cedar sauna; $5,995 (includes shipping)

Gwyneth Paltrow loves her Clearlight sauna, so if it's good enough for Paltrow...

The IS-5 cedar model comes with temperature control, reading lights, "therapeutic" infrared heaters, Bluetooth and more. Plus, cedar has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as a rustic smell, according to the company.

Sweets from a master chocolatier

Amedei Tuscany

The sweets in this gift box — all 100 of them — are decorated by hand. Inside each chocolate shell are "chocolate fillings blended with fruit, liquor and coffee," according to the Amedei website.

And bonus: The company's founder, Cecilia Tessieri, calls herself the first female master chocolatier.

Handmade leather goods

Stefano Ricci

Nothing says shopping for the 1% like the brand name Stefano Ricci. Everything from the men's retailer screams luxury: Ricci's ties can cost four figures. And the most popular selling item at his Rodeo Drive boutique in Beverly Hills, California, is a $2,800 crocodile belt; for the super rich, there's a $124,000, 18-karat-gold and diamond-encrusted belt buckle to go with it.

But for those who just a want a touch of the high end, there's the Stefano Ricci ruled notebook, handmade in Italy with a calfskin leather cover embossed with an eagle.

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How to give gifts within your budget
How to give gifts within your budget