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Gwyneth Paltrow's daily routine includes oil pulling and Japanese whisky

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Thinking about the daily diet of Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder and CEO of lifestyle and wellness brand Goop, conjures images of green juice and detoxifying salads. Since 2008, Goop has been responsible for bringing buzzy and occasionally controversial wellness trends into the zeitgeist.

"I think we feel really proud about the fact we're blazing trails a little bit and that we changed the conversation and that people, you know, seem to follow suit," Paltrow told CNBC's Julie Boorstin on Jan. 6.

When it comes to Paltrow's own diet, she seems to practice what she preaches, because it includes lots of health foods. She also exercises and goes on walks daily, because she told CNBC it's her "time to let the brain disengage from input."

Paltrow detailed her food diary in an interview with Harper's Bazaar posted on YouTube Jan. 7, and revealed some surprising "cheat meals" and unconventional wellness habits.

Oil pulling

Each morning as she gets ready, Paltrow "oil pulls," which involves placing raw organic coconut oil in her mouth and swishing it around. She says it's "an ayurvedic way to remove bacteria from the mouth," she told Harper's Bazaar. However, there is no research that suggests oil pulling can prevent cavities or improve oral health, so the American Dental Association doesn't recommend it — especially not in place of brushing and flossing your teeth.


Although Paltrow isn't "a big breakfast person" unless she's having a late weekend brunch, she likes to hydrate in the morning. She drinks two large glasses of water, then coffee, while she catches up on email and reads the news with her husband, producer Brad Falchuk, she told Harper's Bazaar. At her workout, she'll also mix two packets of GoopGlow Morning Skin Superpowder, a vitamin C and E blend, into "a big thing of water."

AM workouts

Like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Paltrow likes to work out before she heads to the office. Paltrow told Harper's Bazaar that she goes straight from school drop-off for her kids — Apple, 15, and Moses, 13 — to the gym. She's been working out with trainer Tracy Anderson for over a decade, and she's an investor in her company.

After working out, Paltrow stops to get an "amazing green smoothie" at her "favorite supermarket," Erewhon, a Los Angeles-based organic grocery store and cafe. She actually showers once she arrives at the Goop offices.

Afternoon snacks

For lunch, Paltrow said she eats "stuff that you would see on the Goop website," such as a "really clean version of a turkey burger" wrapped in lettuce, or tacos using jicama as the shell.

Although Paltrow eats her protein-packed lunch at around noon or 12:30 p.m., she's not immune to the afternoon snack time slump. "At about three or four, I hit the snack cupboard at the Goop office," she said. Her desk snack of choice is cashews, pretzels or "something salty and crunchy," she added. (Snacking at work is wise, because studies show that hunger impacts your ability to make decisions and focus on tasks.)

Paltrow also drinks a cup of green tea in the afternoon "that will hold me through until dinner," she said.

French fries count as a meal

Paltrow sits down for dinner around 6:15 p.m., because going to bed with a full stomach interferes with her sleep, she told Harper's Bazaar. Depending upon her kids' after-school schedules, they usually try to eat together as a family.

For dinner, Paltrow likes to make Asian food, such as noodles, or one-pot dinners from Goop, such as chicken and winter vegetables. "Those are great for weeknights as well," she said.

While Paltrow's diet might seem stringent, she loves to eat French fries and pasta. "French fries are sort of my favorite meal, not that they're a meal, they're technically a side, but I guess I could eat them for a meal," she said.

A drink to unwind

If "work is tough," Paltrow likes to unwind with a cocktail. Her go-to is a Gibson, which is a vodka martini with cocktail onions, or she'll have Japanese whiskey on the rocks.

"The Japanese make the most amazing whiskey — it's very smooth, I love it," she told Into the Gloss in February 2018. Her favorite whisky brands are Nikka and Hibiki, she said.

However, Paltrow said she's "trying not to drink so much on weeknights."

"It's an easy habit to fall into because you've had a stressful day, so it becomes about the ritual of it," Paltrow said. And if she ends up with a hangover the next morning, her go-to cure is an egg sandwich and an IV drip of vitamins and electrolytes. "That's a very good hangover trick," she added.

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