People are sharing their work stations as they adjust to working remotely


To help contain the spread of the coronavirus, and in adherence with numerous state-mandated stay-at-home policies, many companies have transitioned to operating with remote workers. As working from home has become a longer-term reality for workers, they've been setting up dedicated home office spaces to make the experience a more comfortable one.

Creating and organizing home office spaces can be a great way to find balance in places that once signified rest and privacy, but have more recently been split between peoples' professional and personal lives. For some workers, this has meant bringing pieces from their workplace offices to their home work stations, while others seek ways to make their work stations feel cozy and inviting.

And many are taking to social media to share their updated spaces. 

Here's how people are setting up to work from home 

Some workers are taking the opportunity to construct their own home office stations.

Others had help from family members to build their spaces.

Many are also incorporating room for their pets.

Some workers also managed to rescue their office plants before they started working remotely.

People across all industries are finding ways to be able to do their jobs from home. Here, an entomologist, English teacher, scientist and  illustrator share their unique work spaces. 

Satisfied with their finished stations, some even say they prefer their at-home setup to the office.

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