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Bethenny Frankel's morning routine and how she stays so productive: 'I don't go to an office, nor do I have a computer'

Bethenny Frankel
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Entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel has a lot going on. She is the founder of Skinnygirl, as well as disaster relief initiative BStrong. And she's launching her podcast, "Just B with Bethenny Frankel" this month. To get it all done, Frankel is "so organized," she tells CNBC Make It.

So what do her days look like?

Frankel says she typically wakes up at around 7 a.m. "I never ever use an alarm. I don't sleep late, but I cannot be interrupted," Frankel says. "There is only one rule in [my] life: Never wake me up. Not for Brad Pitt or the Queen or for anyone or anything."

Although she has a lot to do, "I don't jump right out of bed," Frankel says. "I take a few deep breaths to recalibrate before hitting the day. (Experts say deep breathing and other forms of meditation can help with focus, attention span and coping with anxiety or stress.)

Afterward, "I let my dogs out, take some vitamins and make an iced coffee or drink a matcha latte," she says. But if it's iced coffee, Frankel only drinks one and does it before 11 a.m. "I'm terrified of not sleeping at night," says Frankel, who aims to get about eight hours of sleep each night. 

Usually after 11 a.m., Frankel will eat an omelette or a toasted bagel with butter or avocado for breakfast. "I love bagels deeply," she says. "Fruit is sometimes [an option] if I'm not yet ready for a full breakfast. If I'm in a car, it's a bar."

For the rest of the day, "my schedule dictates where I am and what I do and no two days are the same," she says. 

Frankel has been working from home since long before the Covid-19 pandemic. "I don't go to an office nor do I have a computer," Frankel says, instead she always uses her phone. But "I'm always on the ball with whatever is going on. I am always thinking and executing."

Her "obsession" with organization is key to getting everything done, she previously told CNBC Make It. "I'm a very good user of time, which is why I'm fine working in or out of the office," Frankel said.

But nowadays especially, "my daughter's program usually runs the show," she says. No matter what's going on in her professional life, Frankel makes time for 10-year-old Bryn.

She also always finds time to exercise in some capacity. "I am active. I have this portable cheap elliptical that I do 30 minutes on some days, and on other days, I will try to take a walk or stretch or do something healthy."

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Correction: This story was corrected to reflect that BStrong is a disaster relief initiative.