Hiring might be slowing in the UK — but these 10 jobs are growing, LinkedIn says

Ezra Bailey | Getty Images

Concerns about layoffs and uncertainty about the future of the economy are widespread among employees and job seekers right now.

Earlier this month, data from the Office of National Statistics showed that job vacancies fell in the last quarter of 2022. But some jobs are actually growing, data from LinkedIn shows.

In the U.K., this includes roles that involve interacting with customers, sustainability, data and company growth and culture, the latest Jobs on the Rise report found.

Hiring for customer success consultants accelerated the most over the past five years, the data showed. Sustainability managers and product operations managers came in second and third respectively. The top three jobs all require an average of just over four years of job experience, according to LinkedIn.

Sales development representatives and chief growth officers round out the top five.

Enterprise account executives, which are the sixth fastest growing job, had the most opportunities to work remotely. As many as 39.9% of jobs with this title could be remote, according to LinkedIn.

Trends about which jobs are growing are similar across Europe.

Sustainability-related jobs have surged across the continent and are in the top five fastest-growing roles in Germany and France as well as the U.K., according to LinkedIn.

The jobs and networking platform linked the shift to pressures arising from the climate emergency, cyber threats and the tricky economic environment, which makes it all the more important for companies to grow.

"These roles are some of the strongest opportunities for job seekers but also key battle grounds for companies looking to find top talent," Josh Graff, managing directors for the EMEA and LATAM regions at LinkedIn, said in a press release.

What's next for the U.K. labor market?

While the figures around job vacancies declining suggest that hiring is slowing down in the U.K., the labor market remains strong. Data from the ONS also noted that even though the number of vacancies fell, open positions are still extremely high.

According to the report, the current economic situation and outlook is the main reasoning for the drop in advertised vacancies.

Experts are split on whether the country is already in a recession or is about to enter one, as well as being unsure about how significant any economic slowdown would be. This will likely impact the labor market as recessions are historically often associated with rising unemployment.

The top 10 fastest-growing jobs in the U.K.

According to LinkedIn's report, these are the ten fastest-growing jobs in the U.K.:

1.       Customer Success Consultant

2.       Sustainability Manager

3.       Product Operations Manager

4.       Sales Development Representative

5.       Chief Growth Officer

6.       Enterprise Account Executive

7.       Growth Marketing Manager

8.       Cloud Engineer

9.       Business Development Representative

10.   Chief People Officer