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  • Trump aware of DC shooting and monitoring

    Jeff Lanza, retired FBI special agent, talks about the shooting at a baseball field in Virginia during a Congressional baseball practice, and what security measures, if any, should be made to protect lawmakers and other high-level officials.

  • UK PM defends policing record as Corbyn calls for her resignation

    With the U.K. General Election just days away, CNBC’s Willem Marx comments on how dominant the topic of security is in the last few days of campaigning.

  • BEIJING, May 30- Hong Kong- listed Frontier Services Group, co-founded by former U.S. military services contractor Erik Prince, said it had acquired 25 percent of a Chinese security training facility, the company's latest move to tap into China's Belt and Road development plan. Security experts say Chinese firms face mounting risks as they expand along...

  • Computer hackers can be foiled if users take precautions when banking online.

    Here are nine easy ways to help keep your financial data out of the hands of cybercriminals.

  • *First working day in Asia since attacks hit. The countries most affected by WannaCry were the same as Friday: Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and India, Avast's data showed. Earlier on Monday, Chinese traffic police and schools reported they had been targeted as the attack rolled into Asia for the new work week, but no there were no major disruptions.

  • *First working day in Asia since attacks hit. LONDON/ WASHINGTON, May 15- The global WannaCry "ransomware" cyber attack spread more slowly on Monday with no major infections reported, as attention shifted to investment and government policy implications of lax cyber security. Earlier on Monday, Chinese traffic police and schools reported they had been targeted...

  • *Attackers use tools honed by U.S. National Security Agency. TORONTO/ FRANKFURT, May 13- Businesses around the world scrambled on Saturday to prepare for a renewed cyber attack, convinced that a lull in a computer offensive that has stopped car factories, hospitals, schools and other organizations in around 100 countries was only temporary.

  • SINGAPORE/ LONDON, May 13- A global cyber attack leveraging hacking tools believed to have been developed by the U.S. National Security Agency has infected tens of thousands of computers in nearly 100 countries, disrupting Britain's health system and global shipper FedEx. The ransomware encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments of $300 to $600 to...

  • WASHINGTON, May 12- A global cyber attack on Friday renewed concerns about whether the U.S. National Security Agency and other countries' intelligence services too often horde software vulnerabilities for offensive purposes, rather than quickly alerting technology companies to such flaws. "These attacks underscore the fact that vulnerabilities will be...

  • *Tens of billions of dollars pour into China's " Silk Road". SHANGHAI/ BEIJING, April 24- Global security companies and their smaller Chinese rivals are jostling for business along Beijing's modern-day " Silk Road," the grandiose plan for land and sea routes connecting the world's second largest economy with the rest of Asia and beyond. It won't be easy, however, with...

  • Feb 21- Shares in U.S. private prison operators CoreCivic Inc and Geo Group, already buoyed by hopes they would profit from a Republican administration, may rise further on immigration curbs and narrow a valuation gap with REIT peers. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's detention centers are all outsourced to private operators.

  • A member of the U.S. Army walks through John F. Kennedy International Airport, June 30, 2016.

    Eleven people walked through an unscreened security lane at JFK Airport Monday morning and apparently boarded flights, officials told NBC News.

  • Participants at a hacking conference.

    Only four in 10 advisors fully understand the risks around cybersecurity. Ask these questions before trusting them with your personal data.

  • Imperva stock spikes on acquisition interest

    Shares of Imperva rally following a report of buyout interest from Cisco and IBM.

  • Microsoft rolls out Uber safety 'selfie'

    Joe Sullivan, Uber chief security officer, and Andrew Shuman, Microsoft corporate vp, discuss Microsoft's plan to roll out a new security app which features a real-time ID check for Uber drivers.

  • Michael Rapino, CEO, Live Nation

    Live Nation may be the largest of all the concert companies, but it's also facing growing competition from a range of places.

  • SkyDroner is designed to detect when a drone enters its airspace

    SkyDroner, which costs between $50,000 to $80,000 per camera, is intended to be used by the likes of law enforcement agencies and prisons.

  • Ryan Lochte inks alarming new endorsement deal

    The Olympic swimmer lands a new deal with ROBOCOPP to endorse personal alarms.

  • Portugal minister robbed at knifepoint in Rio

    Education Minister Tiago Brandao Rodrigues and an aide were assaulted at the Olympic lake on Saturday.

  • Loews opens new resort

    Loews is opening a new resort at Universal Orlando. Discussing the importance of securing hotels, with Jonathan Tisch, Loews Hotels Chairman, Co-Owner of the Giants, Loews Co-Chairman of the Board