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  • *Deployment increases U.S. forces in Syria sixfold to 300. HANOVER, Germany, April 25- President Barack Obama announced on Monday the biggest expansion of U.S. ground troops in Syria since its civil war began, but the move was unlikely to mollify Arab allies angry over Washington's cautious approach to the conflict. The deployment of up to 250 Special Forces...

  • Court upholds snowboard ban at ski resort

    A federal appeals court backs a ban on snowboarders at a ski resort in Utah.

  • Peter Frumhoff of the Union of Concerned Scientists, which has urged action on climate change, and Matt Pawa, who litigated against Exxon in a global warming case, were listed as presenters at a March 29 meeting of more than a dozen state prosecutors, according to emails between the offices of attorneys general in New York and Vermont. Participating in the meeting...

  • April 13- A Donald Trump presidency would be bad for corporate dealmaking, according to a global survey of people who advise companies on mergers and acquisitions, or M&A. The New York real estate developer prides himself on his ability to make good deals, and M&A professionals in the United States were less concerned about his impact on business than their peers...

  • WASHINGTON, April 13- At least two-thirds of all active U.S. corporations paid nothing in federal income taxes during the 2006-12 period, despite an income-dependent statutory tax rate of 15 percent to 35 percent, the Government Accountability Office said in a recent report. Among large, profitable entities, 19.5 percent paid nothing in federal income taxes in...

  • NEW YORK, April 13- Democrat Hillary Clinton on Wednesday will propose the creation of a new national Office of Immigrant Affairs should she win the White House in November, as she seeks to woo minority and immigrant voters in New York less than a week before the state's primary. The New York primary on April 19 could either help former secretary of state Clinton...

  • Cigarette dispensary

    "CalPERS has been reviewing changes to its divestment policy," said a spokesman.

  • Republicans x Democrats

    Donald Trump is the projected winner of GOP primaries in six states, and the apparent winner of another, according to NBC News.

  • Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is accompanied by his wife Jane as he arrives on stage at his Super Tuesday rally in Burlington, Vermont March 1, 2016.

    Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders showed his campaign still has signs of life on Tuesday, as he notched four wins in his favor.

  • Some of the country's universities are now offering online programs on the business of craft beer.

  • Alcohol has long been the go-to holiday gift. But today there are a number of unique spirit-based options. Here are 10 great suggestions.

  • Angry Orchard

    Big cider brands such as Boston Beer's Angry Orchard and Woodchuck Cider have been affected by more competition and a slowdown in the sector.

  • Customers shop the produce aisle at a Kroger grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky.

    A food fight is under way in Congress that could decide whether genetically engineered food products are labeled using a new national standard.

  • A New York City police officer at the 4th of July fireworks.

    The nation is a patchwork of laws when it comes to regulating fireworks. Still, legality seems to have little to do with people injuring themselves.

  • Top States 2015 Quality of Life

    Locales that have the lowest crime rates, good health systems and an inclusive society ranked highest in CNBC's annual survey.

  • n abandoned, graffiti-covered home stands adjacent to occupied properties in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana.

    From states with sluggish economies to the worst education systems, find out what set these locales back to make them the bottom 10.

  • Hawaii

    The 10 costliest states to live in may surprise you. These places put hefty price tags on real estate, utility bills, gas and food prices.

  • Top States: Vermont

    Quality of life is lush in the Green Mountain State. Education is strong, but business capital is not following a trail there.

  • Moving van

    A CNBC analysis shows that many states with the highest per capita in taxes are also seeing the most net migration to lower-tax states.

  • Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders greets guests at Drake University on June 12, 2015.

    Seventy-five percent of national Democratic primary voters polled say Hillary Clinton is their first choice vs. 15 percent for Bernie Sanders.