Top News & Analysis Vermont

  • NEW YORK, Sept 13- The company building a pipeline to transport oil from North Dakota to the U.S. Gulf Coast said on Tuesday it remained committed to completing construction even after the U.S. Justice Department blocked the project while Native Americans and other protesters geared up for another day of demonstrations. The U.S. Justice Department on Friday...

  • *Bicycle company says Berkshire illegally diverted premiums. *Berkshire does not immediately provide comment. The complaint, filed late Friday by Breakaway Courier Systems, came as Berkshire's Applied Underwriters unit faces scrutiny over its workers' compensation policies, including some that have been banned by California, Vermont and Wisconsin.

  • WASHINGTON, Aug 30- Democrat Elizabeth Warren and 19 other U.S. senators voiced concern to the chief executive of Mylan NV about the high cost of its EpiPen on Tuesday, calling the device used in the case of life-threatening allergies "exorbitantly expensive." Mylan has been under fire for steadily raising the price of the device from about $100 in 2008 to about...

  • Ron Read

    CNBC's Landon Dowdy breaks down the story of the late Vermont janitor who moonlighted as a stock-picker.

  • Then along came Jeffrey Bullock, the newly appointed secretary of state for Delaware. Delaware's second-biggest biggest source of revenue was fees from few-questions-asked company registrations and other corporate services. The global pushback against shell companies was threatening to dim Delaware's longstanding appeal as a secretive corporate...

  • NEW YORK, Aug 14- A data breach at 20 U.S. hotels operated by HEI Hotels& Resorts for Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt and Intercontinental may have divulged payment card data from tens of thousands of food, drink and other transactions, HEI said on Sunday. About 8,000 transactions occurred during the affected period at the Hyatt Centric Santa Barbara hotel in California,...

  • LONDON, Aug 9- Global pressure on health spending is forcing the $1 trillion- a-year pharmaceutical industry to look for new ways to price its products: charging based on how much they improve patients' health, rather than how many pills or vials are sold. In the United States, both parties are promising fresh action on drug prices whoever wins the White House.

  • HOUSTON, Aug 4- A pact that 15 U.S. states signed to jointly investigate Exxon Mobil Corp for allegedly misleading the public about climate change sought to keep prosecutors' deliberations confidential and was broadly written so they could probe other fossil fuel companies. After numerous filings under sunshine laws, a copy of the agreement was obtained by the...

  • A shopper reading a food label in a market.

    Obama has signed a law that would require all food labels to declare whether the item contains GMO's, NBC News reported.

  • Students react as they prepare to receive their diplomas at commencement at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., on May 26, 2016.

    The key to a strong workforce is solid education. CNBC grades the states on more than a dozen education metrics, from K-12 through college.

  • Top States Vermont

    The Green Mountain State is near the pinnacle for quality of life, but it’s a long climb when it comes to workforce and capital.

  • Top States To Live

    These places get high marks for their low crime rate, inclusiveness and the good health of their citizens.

  • Top States Worst Infrastructure

    America is facing an infrastructure crisis. CNBC reveals which states have the worst roads, bridges, ports, airports and rail lines.

  • Why the senator backs the most expensive weapons program in history

    A look at why the senator backs the most expensive weapons program in history.

  • Disney's Iger fires back at Bernie Sanders

    The Disney chief slams the Vermont senator for making negative comments on the company's work conditions.

  • How much you pay for Obamacare could depend on where you live

    Studies reveal geographic variation in proposed Obamacare price increases.

  • A person enrolls in a health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act.

    Proposed price increases for Obamacare plans vary widely across states, and even within states.

  • Court upholds snowboard ban at ski resort

    A federal appeals court backs a ban on snowboarders at a ski resort in Utah.

  • Cigarette dispensary

    "CalPERS has been reviewing changes to its divestment policy," said a spokesman.

  • Republicans x Democrats

    Donald Trump is the projected winner of GOP primaries in six states, and the apparent winner of another, according to NBC News.