Billionaire John Paul DeJoria: This type of success is really just failure

Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila have two things in common: John Paul DeJoria and his commitment to sustainability.

"We feel that success unshared is failure and giving back is part of business," DeJoria told CNBC.

His goal is to make sure his businesses are "extremely environmental, animal and human friendly." As part of his endeavors, the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Drive has planted more than 340,000 trees in order to offset the company's carbon footprint.

Patron Tequila is bottled in recycled glass. The spirits maker also filters the distillage created in the tequila making process so that it can be used as fertilizer.

DeJoria is committed to investing in these green initiatives despite the upfront costs. Patron spent millions on a processing plant in Mexico in order to keep up the supply of recycled glass bottles.

"What we try to accomplish is this: make the world a better place to live because we are here," DeJoria said.