This guy thinks he's found a new standing desk customer...your kid

Could wobbling while you work make you more productive? The entrepreneur who crowdfunded a balance board for standing desk workers thinks so. In fact, he's recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a standing desk for kids.

The kiddie product, called "The UpGrade," is a height-adjustable standing desk for kids and a balance board. It's a "learning station designed to bring motion to the classroom," according to the campaign description.

A stand up desk with balancing board for the classroom.
Source: Upgrade | Kickstarter
A stand up desk with balancing board for the classroom.

Joel Heath, founder of FluidStance, is the entrepreneur behind both the balance board for adults and the kids' desk.

But making homework more fun doesn't come cheap. For about $700, a campaign contributor gets one balancing board and a table — called the "Homework UpGrade."

For about $950, a person gets the "Classroom Upgrade," or three balancing boards and a table.

Like the "Toms Shoes" model, for every purchase made, one learning station is donated. As of Monday, the campaign had drawn about 40 percent of its $45,000 goal.