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This millionaire investor's routine for off-the-charts productivity

Seven productivity hacks this millionaire investor follows
Seven productivity hacks this millionaire investor follows

Successful businesspeople tend to follow strict lifestyle regimens. Apple CEO Tim Cook begins his morning routine at 3:45 AM, Noosa Yogurt co-founder Koel Thomae unplugs her devices when working on big projects, and business turnaround king Marcus Lemonis makes lists every morning of five things he intends to get done that day.

But Craig Cooper, co-founder of Boost Mobile (USA) and former managing director of Saban Ventures, takes lifestyle routines to a whole new level — one that maximizes his health and his productivity.

Though his morning to evening regimen may seem like an overload, it has helped the 53 year old millionaire investor and co-host of CNBC's "Adventure Capitalists" maintain his tip-top physique while boosting his testosterone levels and keeping his mind focused and alert.

Here's how this entrepreneur turned investor turned men's health and peak performance expert gets the most out of his day, every day.

He starts with a 'magical' breakfast drink

To get the day started, Cooper has what he terms a "magical concoction" which includes matcha green tea (which compared to regular green tea contains 3 to 147 times more EGCG, a compound that acts as an antioxidant to fight cancer), turmeric (known for fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and treating digestive problems) and coconut oil (which Cooper claims offers 12 benefits, among them weight loss and improved bone strength).

On occasion, he also starts off his day with a can of sardines.

He excercises regularly, just not in a gym

Cooper is an outdoor fitness enthusiast who claims the gym is “the last place you’ll find [him]."
Source: CNBC

"I'm absolutely never in a gym. That's my worst nightmare," he says. Instead Cooper swims, runs, goes rock climbing, and exercises outside as much as possible — easy enough in sunny Newport Beach, California.

He takes breaks

Throughout the day, in between managing CooperativeHealth, a men's health-focused digital media agency that he founded, hosting CNBC's "Adventure Capitalists," and investing in various businesses, Cooper rejuvenates with afternoon naps.

"20 minute naps in the afternoon. It's a no brainer," Cooper says. "Your productivity just goes up immensely. I would advise anyone to do it."

He meditates

To focus himself, Cooper also practices Shambhala meditation, a technique rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness.

"It puts me in a zone and you don't have to meditate for long, its only ten, fifteen minutes," he says.

Cooper recommends doing it first thing in the morning. "Before you check emails, before you do anything, before you have a cup of tea or breakfast it's the best thing to do, straight out of bed," he says.

He powers down before bed

Men’s health and fitness guru Craig Cooper wasn’t always healthy. He was in a coma at age 9, had heart surgery at 18, and is genetically predisposition to prostate cancer and type II diabetes.
Source: CNBC

"Before I go to bed, I always turn off my devices," Cooper says. Shutting off screens an hour before bedtime helps him relax his eyes and his mind.

Cooper engages in a calming activity to get his body ready to retire, too. He goes for a walk in his garden, takes a swim, or does something "to reduce my stress from the day and clear my mind of all the thoughts."

He goes to sleep at the same time every night

At 10:24 PM, it's lights out — every night.

"It doesn't matter whether I've looked at my watch or not. I know when I get into bed, if I look at my watch, it's 10:24." Cooper says. "It's my biorhythms [that] put me in bed at that time."

Video by CNBC's Mary Stevens.