The 13 best cities for single people looking for love

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If your Valentine's Day consists of a date with Netflix and take-out for one, you're not alone: About 109 million US adults are single. And if you're looking to get coupled up, your chances might depend on where you live.

In a recent study, WalletHub compared the 150 most populated US cities across three categories: Dating economics, romance and fun, and dating opportunities. The site evaluated each category based on 29 metrics — including number of restaurants and bars per capita, online and mobile dating opportunities, and share of single population — and calculated an overall score for each city. The scores range from 28 to 70.

Read on to see the 13 best cities for single people who want to find love:

13. Houston, Texas

Total score: 57.55

Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston, Texas.
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12. Chicago, Illinois

Total score: 57.98

Chicago skyline.
Henryk Sadura | Getty Images

11. Atlanta, Georgia

Total score: 58.95

Atlanta, Georgia
Steve Kelley | Getty Images

10. Los Angeles, California

Total score: 60.73

Los Angeles, California
P. Eoche | Getty Images

9. Miami, Florida

Total score: 61.00

Miami, Florida
Sylvain Sonnet | Getty Images

8. Phoenix, Arizona

Total score: 62.37

A view of Phoenix at dusk
Craig Stocks | iStock / 360 | Getty Images

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Total score: 63.83

Las Vegas, Nevada
George Rose | Getty Images

6. Austin, Texas

Total score: 65.05

Austin, Texas

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Total score: 65.58

'Faneuil Hall located near the waterfront and today's Government Center, in Boston, Massachusetts.
Denis Jr. Tangney | E+ | Getty Images

4. San Diego, California

Total score: 65.61

San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter.
Photo: Ted McGrath | Flickr Commons

3. Seattle, Washington

Total score: 67.88

Seattle, Washington
Michael Riffle | Getty Images

2. Orlando, Florida

Total score: 68.68

Songquan Deng | Getty Images

1. San Francisco, California

Total score: 70.21

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