The 5 high-paying jobs expecting the biggest hiring boom in the next 10 years

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This is a strong job market for those with the skills to treat patients and build apps.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs platform Monster took a look at the occupations that will add the most jobs between now and 2024, and there's lots of good news for those thinking of entering the fields of health care and computer science.

The roles of nurse practitioner, physical therapist, statistician and physician assistant will all expand 30 percent or more over the coming decade.

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All of the jobs listed here pay mean annual wages above $65,000 and are slated to add anywhere from 90,000 to nearly 500,000 jobs by 2024.

Here are the five high-paying occupations projected to add the most jobs in the coming decade:

5. Market research analysts and marketing specialists

Salary: $70,620
Projected growth: 92,000 jobs

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4. Computer systems analysts

Salary: $87,220
Projected growth: 119,000 jobs

3. Software developers, applications

Salary: $104,300

Projected growth: 135,000 jobs

2. Accountants and auditors

Salary: $76,730
Projected growth: 142,000 jobs

1. Registered nurses

Salary: $68,450
Projected growth: 439,000 jobs

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