Make It New Grads

Ayesha Curry reveals her best advice for turning a passion into a career

Ayesha Curry

In honor of graduation season, CNBC Make It is rolling out the speeches and pieces of advice that America's leaders are most excited to share with the Class of 2017, using the hashtag #MakeItNewGrads.

Food Network star Ayesha Curry has advice for 2017 graduates: Be confident in yourself and take risks.

Curry recently launched a meal-kit delivery service called Homemade.

"The only person who can set limits on your potential is you, so don't be afraid to take on challenges that scare you," Curry says. "Although it's never easy, you'll never know what you're capable of unless you step outside of your comfort zone."

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Curry has parlayed her love for food into several different successful professional opportunities. She has put out a cookbook, she appears on her own Food Network show called "Ayesha's Home Kitchen" and she has a restaurant opening.

"I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd have the opportunity to build a career around what I love," she tells CNBC, "but I'm living proof that if you love something enough, and you work hard at it every day, you can accomplish anything."

She adds, "As long as you take that step with passion and confidence, the risk will always pay off."

Look for more pieces of advice from leaders like Melinda Gates, Dave Ramsey and others over the next few weeks, and follow along with the series, as well as other content relating to the Class of 2017, on social media using the hashtag #MakeItNewGrads.

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