5 high-paying side jobs for recent college grads

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Looking for work can be a long and challenging process. The current wisdom says that the average job search takes about one month for every $10,000 you're looking to earn. But, who can afford to be out of work for that long? Recent college graduates currently shoulder an average of $30,100 in student loan debt. So, perhaps it makes sense to do a little something to make money while waiting for that first big offer.

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In response to this need, FlexJobs recently released a list of high-paying side jobs for recent college grads. Each of the positions on the list offer part-time scheduling options, allow work-from-home opportunities, require skills that recent college graduates likely possess, and pay more than double the federal minimum wage.

1. Proofreader

Median Hourly Rate: $17.49

An English major, or any recent grad with excellent writing skills, might enjoy working as proofreader while they work on finding permanent employment. Proofreaders can work with a vast variety of materials for many different kinds of organizations. They need to catch errors, but they also need to watch for consistency and that all of the assigned guidelines have been met. Although employers often require prior experience for these positions, a relevant degree might help you get a foot in the door.

Warren Buffett made $53,000 by age 17
Warren Buffett made $53,000 by age 17

2. Interpreter

Median Hourly Rate: $19.24

If you were a foreign language major, or if you're fluent in another language, working as an interpreter could be a great gig for you. The money is good, and the work is important. Also, it helps to have a flexible schedule to do the work of an interpreter, which is something a lot of recent graduates who are looking for a permanent position can offer.

3. Gaming technical support representative

Median Hourly Rate: $17.70

Recent STEM graduates might enjoy working as a gaming technical support representative while they're job hunting. Some of the higher paying technical support positions require more advanced programming skills, but the demands vary by position. Some related experience and fast typing skills are prerequisites for these kinds of positions across the board.

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4. Social media specialist

Median Hourly Rate: $16.28

Many recent college graduates might enjoy working as social media specialists while they look for full-time employment. These online experts have to be pretty technically savvy. They also have to understand a lot about an organization's culture, in order to perform well in the role. If this kind of work sounds interesting, it might be worth investigating some options. Many social media specialists enjoy flexible hours and can work from home.

5. Tutor

Median Hourly Rate: $17.28

The pay rate for tutors varies pretty widely based upon the area where the work happens, the subject being taught, and the experience and education level of the tutor. If you really know your stuff, you might want to consider one of these positions. The hours are flexible and the work can be very fulfilling. Working as a tutor can be a great way to make money while you look for your first post-college job.

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