5 things the best bosses say to their teams every day

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For great bosses, communication is a top priority.

Amanda Augustine, a career expert for TopResume, says the best managers speak with their employees regularly and use daily conversations as opportunities to help their teams perform better or feel more comfortable at work.

It's as easy as asking, "What's new?" or remembering to offer constructive feedback, she explains.

Here are five things you can say to your staff each day to be a strong manager.

"What's new?"

This may seem like a simple piece of advice, but Augustine says "it's an incredibly effective greeting." A daily check-in with your team should be a priority.

"A simple 'Hello, how are you?' is a great way to touch base with each of your direct reports, keep a pulse on your team's initiatives and check the temperature on team morale," she says.

"Can I check in with you about something?"

The most effective managers "are willing to provide the hard feedback that will help their team members grow," she says.

But it's important to give this kind of feedback with care. Before discussing the issue at hand, "ask your direct report for permission," says Augustine. She suggests saying, "Can I share with you some observations I've made?"

Once you ask, employees are "more likely to listen to your feedback with an open mind," she says.

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"Good job!"

Great bosses aren't afraid to praise their employees for a job well done. They know "that offering praise is just as important as delivering constructive feedback," says Augustine.

"Let them know you appreciate their efforts," she says. "Employees are willing to work harder for someone whom they believe genuinely values their contributions."

"Does that make sense?"

A strong manager also makes sure "the lines of communication are open."

"Whether you're kicking off a new project, handing out an assignment or delivering feedback, it's important to make sure you and employee are on the same page," says Augustine. "By asking this question, you're giving your team the opportunity to get the clarity they need without feeling foolish."

"What's the goal?"

This is another phrase you'll hear from a great boss ever day, says Augustine. "As the boss, it's your responsibility to keep the goals of the department — as well as the organization — top of mind," she says.

"If someone proposes a new project, ask how this initiative will help your team achieve one of their goals," says Augustine. "By always asking, 'Why?' you'll keep your team focused on the work that matters most."

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