If you have one of these 10 jobs, you should ask for a raise immediately

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It used to be nearly impossible to figure out if you were being underpaid. But with the rise of salary data, as well as an increase in public discourse on pay, that's less and less true.

A new report by Glassdoor on jobs with high salary growth may help even more professionals decide whether it's time to ask for a raise or not.

Using thousands of anonymous, user-submitted salary reports, Glassdoor found that certain job titles saw their salaries grow more than twice as fast as the national average rate, which their data team calculates to be 2.1 percent.

While national job data alone isn't a good enough reason to ask for a raise, it can be the tipping point for you to muster up the courage and speak with your boss.

Here are 10 jobs that saw a significant increase in median base salary this year:

10. Registered nurse

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Wage growth: 4.5 percent
Median base salary: $66,305

9. Sales representative

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Wage growth: 4.6 percent
Median base salary: $47,629

8. Cashier

A Target cashier at a store in Mentor, Ohio.
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Wage growth: 4.6 percent
Median base salary: $27,492

7. Maintenance worker

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Wage growth: 5.7 percent
Median base salary: $43,175

6. Store manager

Retail employees help customers at the checkout registers inside a store in Torrance, California.
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Wage growth: 4.9 percent
Median base salary: $48,848

5. Bank teller

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Wage growth: 6.1 percent
Median base salary: $28,744

4. Warehouse associate

Wal-Mart warehouse
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Wage growth: 6.7 percent
Median base salary: $40,882

3. Restaurant cook

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Wage growth: 7.0 percent
Median base salary: $29,097

2. Customer service manager

Department store Customer Service desk.
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Wage growth: 7.1 percent
Median base salary: $54,552

1. Recruiter

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Wage growth: 7.4 percent
Median base salary: $51,216

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