Social media prankster making 7 figures turned a quiet LA neighborhood into a 'war zone'

Social media star Jake Paul
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Jake Paul has 8.7 million followers on YouTube and 8.6 million followers on Instagram. To get those followers, the 20-year-old social media star does stunts with his crew. They surf down the street pulled behind a truck when it rains, for example. They light each other on fire and skateboard into the pool.

While the social media maven is pulling in seven figures from brand sponsorships, and has inked a deal with Disney as a video blogging star in the show Bizaardvark, he's also infuriated his neighbors in the posh Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles. Homes for sale in the West Hollywood neighborhood go for up to several million dollars each.

"It used to be a really nice quiet street and now we're just this war zone," said Maytal Dahan, a neighbor interviewed by local television station KTLA about the ongoing controversy. Los Angeles reporter Chris Wolfe says that neighbors are going to meet with local police and potentially file a public nuisance class action lawsuit.

Jake Paul seems unfazed, and even amused by, the criticisms.

When the local reporter asked him how he felt about turning his block into a circus, the prankster replied, "I mean, but people like going to circuses, right?" He proceeded to climb on top of the local news van, defying the pleas of the news crew, and then he made fun of the reporter's shoes.



He has also indicated that he thinks his neighbors should worry about other more serious matters.


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