A top Microsoft HR exec says you should apply to jobs in these 2 industries

Microsoft HR exec: These are the 3 skills you should have to score a job at Microsoft
Microsoft HR exec: These are the 3 skills you should have to score a job at Microsoft

Companies like Microsoft are working hard to secure top talent for new roles. But what are two of the most in-demand industries with available jobs right now?

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence, says Chuck Edward, Microsoft's head of global talent acquisition, in an interview with CNBC Make It.

And you don't have to work on the technical side of those industries either, he says. You can work in consultative sales, data science and analytics to help customers or nab a job marketing cloud computing, he explains.

The cloud computing and artificial intelligence industries have been making headlines recently. Just last week Microsoft and Amazon teamed up to roll out tools that are expected to make it easier for developers to use open-source artificial intelligence software.

In August, the companies teamed up to let their respective virtual assistants, Alexa and Cortana, talk with each other.

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There's also been an influx of jobs in both industries, especially at Microsoft. An "artificial intelligence" keyword search on the company's career page brings up 469 results (and that's in the U.S. alone). Plus, they're not all technical roles.

A quick skim of the most recent positions shows openings for a financial analyst in the artificial intelligence and research division and another role for an attorney focused on artificial intelligence solutions.

In fact, self-made billionaire Mark Cuban predicts that the world's first trillionaires will be entrepreneurs working in the artificial intelligence industry.

"The world's first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of," Cuban said at the SXSW Conference and Festivals in March.

Cloud computing has also been at the forefront of Microsoft's business plan. In July, the company's collection of cloud apps hit a new revenue milestone.

A keyword search for "cloud computing" on the tech giant's career site brings up 500 pages. Jobs range from cloud support engineer to business program manager.

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Although certain positions do require "classic skill sets," says Edward, the company practices differentiated hiring and seeks applicants who can show that they are learners.

"Not everyone will have every skill," he says. "The ability to learn, collaborate, create clarity ... that's aptitude that people from all different backgrounds can have."

The head of global talent acquisition adds that it's not always about tech expertise, but rather a passion for what tech can do for society.

Most importantly, says Edward, show that "you're curious, you're read up and you have an affinity for the company."

"I'm open about how [job seekers] come in," he says, "but come in with knowledge about the company."

Edward adds that one of the main questions Microsoft asks itself is, "How do you hit refresh? How do you honor the past and embrace the future?"

The key to doing that, he says, is by hiring people with a "growth mindset."

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